The Eagles Touch Down in Nashville

music musings, beaverdamusa.comI remember going into the Service Merchandise store on Nolensville Road (in South Nashville) when I was probably 12 or 13 and purchasing the Eagles’ Hotel California on 8-track.  It was my first “album” that I ever purchased.  I never go to see them since I was too young for concerts when I was 12 and I don’t think they came to Nashville in support of The Long Run when I was in high school.  

Needless to say, when hell froze over and the Eagles reunited and toured in the mid-90’s – I was there.  I saw them in 1995 at Starwood Amphitheatre (RIP) where they played for two consecutive nights.  I remember the local paper ran a review of the first night’s show and the reviewer questioned whether Don Henley was actually the one hitting those high notes during One of These Nights.  Henley must read the locals because he invited the reviewer to the second night’s show and sat him next to his drum kit and when the high part was coming up, Henley turned to the reporter and mouthed “watch this”.  You can’t make this stuff up.

Well, fast forward 20 years and the Eagles are playing two nights at the Bridgestone arena.  The line-up is different – Don Felder was kicked out of the band and sadly Glenn Frey passed away in January 2016.  Besides founder Don Henley, the current line-up is Joe Walsh (joined with Hotel California), Timothy B Schmidt (joined with Long Run), Vince Gill (country superstar) and Deacon Frey (Glenn Frey’s 24 year-old son).  They did not disappoint the sold out crowd for 2.5 hours as they sang hit after hit.  Rather than try to weave my observations into paragraphs, I will resort to the lazy way – bullets (in no particular order):

  • Vince won the crowd over by simply coming out in a Nashville Predators jersey (sweater).  He fits right in with not only his guitar work, but his vocals.  
  • Steuart Smith was the unmentioned guitar player on stage (in addition to other backing musicians) who could trade licks with Joe Walsh and the best of them.  
  • Timothy B Schmidt spent the entire show sitting on a stool with his foot in a boot.  He later explained that he had fallen in the shower and broke his foot.
  • Strings and horns were added to several songs which added a nice touch.
  • Don Henley played drums on all the songs prior to Long Run, except Life in the Fast Lane.
  • Pretty brave to open the show with the acapella Seven Bridges Road. 
  • Henley gave a big shout out and plug for Ashley Monroe’s new album coming out.  This was probably worth 5,000 sales/downloads alone.
  • Deacon jumped right in and sang Take It Easy as the second song.  
  • Speaking of Deacon, he sang his father’s songs that were lower and he sounded just like him.
  • Joe Walsh played four of his solo songs and Vince played one of his hits, while Henley played none of his.  I’m curious as to why?  It isn’t like Henley doesn’t have the material to play.  I would have given up one of Walsh’s solo songs for Heart of the Matter or another Eagles’ song.

The entire evening was an opportunity to travel back in time and relive a lot of my teenage years with these songs. If you have a chance, go.

Still humming those great Eagles’ songs


P.S. Here is the set list from the 03/23/2018 show:

1.      Seven Bridges Road

2.      Take It Easy – sung by Deacon

3.      One of These Nights

4.      Take It to the Limit – Vince.  Yes, he did go after those high notes at the end that Randy Meisner wouldn’t attempt most nights.

5.      Tequila Sunrise – Vince 

6.      Witchy Woman

7.      In the City – favorite Eagles’ song by Joe Walsh

8.      I Can’t Tell You Why

9.      How Long

10.     Ol’ ’55 – deep cut that hadn’t been played in 18 years – sung by Vince

11.     Peaceful Easy Feeling – Deacon.  Song ended with picture of Glenn Frey on the screen.  It got very dusty around this time. 

12.     The Best of My Love

13.     Lyin’ Eyes – Vince  

14.     Love Will Keep Us Alive

15.     New Kid in Town – Vince. 

16.     Next Big Thing – Vince’s solo song.  He proclaimed that he was the “new kid”

17.     Those Shoes – deep cut from Long Run

18.     Already Gone – Deacon

19.     Victim of Love

20.     Walk Away – Joe Walsh solo song

21.     Heartache Tonight – Vince

22.     Life’s Been Good – Joe Walsh solo song

23.     Funk #49 – Joe Walsh solo song

24.     Life in the Fast Lane.

Encore #1

25.     Hotel California – had a horn intro that was killer

Encore #2

26.     Rocky Mountain Way – Joe Walsh solo song – unusual to be an encore

27.     Desperado – great way to close.  THE Eagles song.

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