I’m Not Sure We’re Ever Coming Back

barry currin, stories of a world gone mad, beaverdamusa.comEvery time I think we’ve hit rock bottom, we manage to sink lower.

This past weekend was a mind-numbing example on two fronts.

On Saturday, the news of Sen. John McCain’s death spread quickly.

I always respected McCain. He was a patriot in the truest sense of the word who dedicated his life to public service.

He was an example of decency — something that is getting harder and harder to find these days.

But on social media several of the comments on the late Senator were vitriolic and most of all, disrespectful.

And it seemed every negative comment I saw about him came from people within his own political party.

Anytime I read a political story on social media I always tell myself, “don’t read the comments, don’t read the comments,” but I almost always do.

I do so primarily because I always have a glimmer of hope that the positive comments will outnumber the hateful.

And I am almost always wrong.

The first comment I saw about McCain began, “He was an idiot…” Most of the rest couldn’t be printed in this newspaper.

It’s sickening. We are a sick society.

The second example came in the wake of the mass shooting in Jacksonville on Sunday.

A Christian religion page I follow posted a quote from a church official in Florida who called for a public response to gun violence.

He pointed out the Jacksonville incident was the third mass shooting in Florida in 3 years. He also said this was the 232nd mass shooting in the US this year.

Since I am dumber than a sheep that can’t stop running into an electric fence, I clicked the comments.

I really expected to see some compassion for the victims and agreement. I actually thought people would agree.

It’s a church page, for heaven’s sake — pun intended.

But oh, no. Not in 2018 America.

The first debate took issue with the claim that we have had 232 mass shootings this year.

People started posting links to stories which had the number in the mid-100s.

Oh, dad-gum you, preacher. We’ve only had 150 mass shootings this year. What a Philistine you are.

Actually, I googled it and found a source listing 291 so far in 2018, and that didn’t even include Jacksonville.

Then, the conversation — more correctly stated, the argument — turned to how we should even define mass shooting in the first place.

Several people gave their opinion on this. Some people think the number of smoking hot shell casings dancing around on the pavement should determine whether or not an incident should be called a mass shooting.

It was mind blowing to read how a large contingent of human beings didn’t have one bit of compassion for the innocent people who died.

So it seems only having a mass shooting every three or so days is okay. And, if the body count is acceptably low enough, it shouldn’t even count at all.

These are uncharted waters for our country. We can’t come together to respect a life-long congressman who died; and we can’t agree on how many people have to get shot in public before it even matters.

But here’s something I believe we can all agree on.

We are doing a dang good job at showing our backsides here lately.

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