Another Senseless Tragedy, Another Hollow Response

barry currin, stories of a world gone mad, beaverdamusa.comHere we go again.

Another day, another mass shooting.

Another prayer vigil.

Another list of the victims.

Another press conference.

Another picture of the monster.

Another hollow, toothless call for gun control on one side.

Another insane claim that guns don’t kill people on the other.

We’ll jump on Facebook and share some sentiment about loving more and killing less. We’ll pat ourselves on the back as our friends click the Like button to validate us as being part of the vast majority of people who think mass murders are a bad thing but don’t care enough to take a stand to do anything about it.

Politicians will elbow each other, jockeying for position at the microphone and say just enough to satisfy 51 percent of their constituents without shouting loudly enough to tick off their special interest donors.

It’s all a bit unnerving and inconvenient, isn’t it?

Don’t worry too much, though. We’ll move on and get back to our regular lives soon enough. And we’ll meander along until the next one. After all, that’s what we’ve always done after every single, solitary mass killing. And that’s what we’ll do after the next one, and the next one, and the next one after that.

The city changes. The motive changes. The murderer changes. But everything else remains the same.

I am sick and tired of it.

But I think I am even more sick of the predictable response that amounts to nothing more than a snipe hunt which leaves us as a nation holding the bag deep in the woods in the middle of the night waiting for something to jump in it.

The snipe ain’t coming, folks. The joke is on us, again.

An aggressive ban on assault weapons might start to lower the body count as we go forward, but anyone who is honest with themselves knows gun control won’t stop the problem.

Even if we could make it impossible for a potential murderer to get a military-grade weapon, he could just go down to the hardware store and buy the stuff to make a bomb.

Arming more citizens won’t fix it either. I like my chances of making it home better when the person sitting next to me at Cracker Barrel inhaling an Uncle Herschel doesn’t have a gun stuck in his waistband, regardless of how noble his intentions are.

Donald Trump wants to round up all the Muslims, but I haven’t heard his plan for dealing with the Timothy McVeighs, or the Dylan Klebolds, or the Adam Lanzas, or the Eric Rudolphs who are slithering around out there.

But then again, I haven’t heard anybody’s plan for doing that.

I honestly don’t think we could stop it if we wanted to, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.

We could start by sending people to Washington who are willing to work together to find some common ground on combating the issue. That will not happen, however — regarding this or any of our other social ills for that matter — until we get the special interest money out of politics on both sides.

Maybe one day we will come together as a country to say, “Enough is enough, and if I have to sacrifice a little bit to make it happen, so be it.”

Maybe. But sadly, I am afraid a lot more people are going to have to die before anyone does anything about it.

Inconvenient, isn’t it?

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  1. Pat hooven says:

    Run for office, I’ll vote for you.

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