SEC Football: Never Print “National Champs” T-shirts in July coach billy jack hooverThings rarely go the way we expect them to go in life. This is especially true in the fanatical world of SEC football. Sometimes, our entrepreneurial spirit overcomes our common sense. And when that happens, well, we always pass the savings on to you. So check out these deep, deep discounts on SEC school merchandise:

  • Georgia Bulldogs 2013 National Champs shirts (Buy 1 and get a Gurley for Heisman shirt free!)
  • Florida Gators Music City Bowl travel packages, includes $5 off of the Country Music Hall of Fame admission
  • For sale: domain name. Contact Gene Chizik
  • We’re Back! T-shirts in a variety of colors: orange and white, blue and white, & red and blue
  • Johnny Foosball misprinted T-shirts. Actually, these are selling pretty well right now
  • For Sale: Heisman voters mailing list. Please call Ole Miss Athletic Department
  • Hey Mizzou, Welcome to the SEC shirts available in Nashville, Athens, Gainesville, Knoxville, Lexington, Oxford and College Station (Yes, Missouri will beat A&M. Listen to SEC Pigskin Picks here to see who else will lose.)
  • Shirts with Les Miles’ picture on them. (This has nothing to do with LSU’s season. I’m just saying that putting Les Miles’ picture on a shirt would be a really dumb thing to do.)

But this isn’t just a regional problem. If you’re out in Eugene, Oregon, pick me up one of those Move Over SEC shirts. I hear they’re a dime a dozen.

Til next time, Give Me 20, Slackers
Coach Billy Jack

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