The Bathroom List

music musings, beaverdamusa.comI don’t know how it started, but I have always had a phrase to describe artists I have no urge to see.

“I wouldn’t walk across the hall to see ___________ if they were in my bathroom.”

I think this dates back to college and I may have even stolen it from my college roommate, but it still applies today.  There are some artists who I really don’t care about seeing.  I’m not talking about those who I don’t want to see, but those I really wouldn’t go to see even with a free ticket, limo ride, and open bar.  

I started thinking about this when a particular artist was in town recently and everyone I knew was going.  They were asking if I was going and I actually used the phrase.  This made me think about other artists who would make my “bathroom list”.  So here are the top five on Zach’s Bathroom List:

  • Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers – this was the band playing in Nashville last week that made this musing possible.  I really think this can be filed under the “everyone likes them, so I don’t” category.  It seems that like in the early 90’s, someone said “let’s make Tom Petty a rock icon” and it started.  He really wasn’t that popular and then BAM!, the is up there with Elvis & Dylan.
  • U2 – I guess I don’t like people with one word names.  What is a Bono anyway?  
  • Hall & Oates/Brooks & Dunn – I lump these together because they are basically the same – one is pop and one is country.  They each have a singer and what I call a tag along.  John Oates & Kix Brooks have a great gig – stand there, play guitar, but you get equal billing and 50%.  Before you start, I know Hall & Oates have that classic gem Maneater [sarcasm font].
  • Adele – while members of my family love Adele, I don’t.  I get her on a songwriting level, but when she sounds like a cat in a rusty blender – no thanks.
  • Dixie Chicks – as I have said it before – you don’t cover my girl Stevie Nicks and get away with it, especially Landslide.  Throw in that “other thing” and I for sure don’t like them. That “other thing” was just another nail in the coffin, so to speak.

So there you have it.  I realize each of these artists probably wouldn’t go see me in their bathroom either – they would actually call 911.  Thanks for indulging me and reading.  Until next time.

Musing in my bathroom (not really, but it tied in with the musing)


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Zach Clayton started Music Musings in 2013, but isn’t a stranger to music. While he may be a mild mannered accountant by day, he always has tunes going and forces his staff at work to play music trivia when they enter his office. He is a self-proclaimed lover of all music genres with over 3,500 songs in his iPod. Zach’s first concert was Eddie Money in Vanderbilt’s Memorial Gym in 1979 and claims to have seen Van Halen (all three incarnations) over 25 times. There have only been one or two years since 1979 that Zach hasn’t been to a concert. He also has the uncanny knack of getting to know several folks in the music scene – both out front and behind the scenes. Zach is in the process of indoctrinating his two boys into the rock and roll way by exposing them to concerts and various music while holding them hostage in his truck screaming the mantra – “rap is crap!”

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