The Beagles Take on Disney for ‘Dog With a Blog’

barks between beagles,“Okay, read what you have so far.”

“Dear Mr. Disney: It has come to our attention that your show, Dog With a Blog, has similarities to our publication, Barks Between Beagles.”

“Is that it? You’ve been working on this for a week!”

“Well I don’t know what else to say.”

“Say something about copyright infringement.”

“Dear Mr. Disney: It has come to our attention that your show, Dog With a Blog, is infringing on the copyright for our Barks Between Beagles publication.”

“Now we’re getting somewhere! Ask them to cease and desist immediately!”

“… and we demand that you cease and desist immdeiately…”

“Now tell them what we will do if they don’t.”

“… or we will…”


“What will we do if they don’t?”

“Go on a hunger strike!”

“Yeah, right. We tried that once. Remember? It lasted about 30 minutes.”

“Yeah, I remember. I was starving!”

“Me, too! Hey, what does cease and desist mean, anyway?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well where did you hear it?”

“Reruns of The Andy Griffith Show. You know that time Opie got stuck with the Miracle Salve and Barney pretended to be a lawyer to scare the Miracle Salve people into giving him his money back?”

“Oh, Good Heaven’s. You’re a regular Johnnie Cochran.”

“Well, do you have a better idea?”

“Well… it is nearly time for…”

Dog With a Blog is coming on! I love that show!”

“Me, too! Stan is a cutie…”


About Ginger & MaryAnn

Ginger and MaryAnn are two sister-beagles of a certain age who blog each Tuesday about their life. Mostly, they eat, sleep and blog. Occasionally, they're tormented by MacGyver, a good-for-nothing alley cat. They're dogs, after all, so their attention spans are...

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