Best Friend Problems

Best Friend Problems: “Friendships are Forever”

What Would Chely Do?
by Chely Sizemore

Jazmine writes: Dear Chely, I told my girlfriend we would hang out Saturday night, but then this cute guy asked me to a party he’s throwing, and I told him I would go. I really want to go. What should I do?

Jazmine: You made a mistake, girl. Don’t cause yourself best friend problems. First of all, take responsibility for it. Lots of times these days, people are looking for an excuse instead of taking responsibility.

Well… Now that we have out of the way, I will say it sounds like you may be more worried about missing the party than hurting your girlfriend. There will be other parties. But we only have so many friendships in our lives. Tell the guy that you accepted his invitation before you remembered you had other plans. (That might end up working in your favor. Hard to get is still one of our biggest weapons.) Tell him you already had plans to hang out with a friend, and the two of you might drop by the party if that’s okay.

Now, we’re not done yet. Tell your friend what you did. It’s okay to tell her you got a little anxious and lost your mind for a second. She’ll understand. Things like that have happened to the best of us, and y’all will probably have a big laugh about it. Then, ask her if she wants to drop by the party.

Have fun, and remember: parties are a dime a dozen, but friends are forever.

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