Catfish Cabin II: Fried Catfish Restaurant in Athens AL

The World’s Best Fried Catfish Restaurants
Are Found in Only North Alabama

North Alabama is Mecca for fried catfish. Once you’ve had it there, you won’t want it anywhere else.

The folks there fry it better than anywhere else on earth in our opinion. From Florence and Muscle Shoals, and east along Hwy. 72 over to Athens in Limestone County is where you’ll find some of the world’s best fried catfish restaurants. The Tennessee River provides a perfect backdrop for many of these places. We didn’t count, but there are probably just short of a million catfish restaurants around there, and if you ask a dozen people where to find the best, you’ll likely get a dozen passionate answers.

Though it’s not on the river, we tried Catfish Cabin II on Hwy. 72 in Athens. Their fish was mouth-watering. Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside and brought to the table fresh and piping hot. Their hush puppies don’t disappoint, neither does their slaw. Of course the tea is syrupy sweet, just like God intended.¬†Regardless of where you go, don’t get the fillet, because that’s not how to do it. If you don’t get the whole fish, you might as well go to a drive-through window at a fast food chain.

The atmosphere is just what you’d expect from a country fried catfish restaurant like this. And if you go on Friday or Saturday night, be prepared to wait. The secret has been out on this place for decades.

There may be other places, and they may be better. But the next time we are in North Alabama, we’re going back to Catfish Cabin II and eat this southern delicacy the way God intended.

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