Chez Guevara Serves Authentic Mexican in Knoxville

chez guevara mexican knoxville beaverdamusa.comThe Chez Guevara Mexican restaurant in Knoxville is a hole in the wall, and that’s probably just the way the owners want it.

The self-described “festive joint… in kitschy digs” couldn’t be more understated. There isn’t even a sign outside. We’ll save you the trouble of looking, though. It’s in Suburban Shopping Center, at 7903 Kingston Pike, in Knoxville. Look for the Open sign right in the corner of the L-shaped strip center.

Simply stated, you need to try out Chez Guevara if you like traditional Mexican food. The burritos were big and plump, and the tacos tasted — well, the way we think tacos should taste.

The menu is extensive, and everything we ate was delicious. They serve green and red salsa with their chips, which is a nice touch. The beer menu is elaborate, but they don’t have draft. It’s a dimly-lit place with Americana decor — which we found a bit ironic, given the traditional flavor of the food.

The prices are a bit higher than typical Mexican restaurants in the area, but the food and the experience is worth it.

Chez Guevara is open for dinner only, 5 p.m., to 10 p.m., every day.


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