Recapping the 51st Annual CMA Awards

music musings, beaverdamusa.comHey, remember me?  Yep, I’m back.  You can guess which answer describes where I’ve been:

  • Witness Protection Program
  • Roadie for Sammy Hagar 
  • Stuck in Nashville traffic

I do apologize for the delay between musings.  In all honesty, sometimes life just gets in the way.  What better time to come back than the 51st CMA awards held on Wednesday November 8?  So, here are my thoughts on the show as it unfolded.

  • The show’s opening was very well done with what looked like all of Nashville on stage singing Hold My Hand by Hootie & the Blowfish.  The start with Eric Church singing Amazing Grace a capella was very haunting.  How did they embalm Ronnie Dunn with him still being alive?  
  • Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley’s opening dialogue was spot on, especially when they poked fun at the CMA’s quickly rescinded rules on what the media could ask the performers about.  
  • Single of the Year – my girl Miranda should have won with Tin Man.  Dang short Aussie (Keith Urban) won with Blue Ain’t Your Color.  
  • Song of the year – Again, Tin Man should have won.  Bet Miranda needs comforting. 
  • Dierks Bentley singing My Town by Montgomery Gentry was a nice touch.  The Rascal Flatts dude should have just sat down.  Cool that Eddie Montgomery came out.
  • Here comes Luke Bryan – time to get a drink.
  • My girl Miranda’s outfit sparked a debate between me and the Mrs. on whether certain “assets” were enhanced.  Those earrings…..
  • Garth – thought the sound funky, then he came out the next day and said he had lip synched to save his voice since he was doing something like 12 shows in 10 days.  Not the first to lip synch on an awards show, but wouldn’t have thought he would have done it.  
  • Brothers Osborne – still confuse them with Rocky Top singers.  
  • Tim & Faith – Faith challenging Carrie in the “how much leg can I show” contest.  Did you know that I’ve been in her bedroom?
  • Nice touch to have songwriter Jimmy Webb playing the piano on Little Big Town’s tribute to Glen Campbell, Lineman for the County.  
  • Thank goodness Lo Cash or Florida Georgia Line didn’t win Duo of the Year.  There is still hope.
  • Glad that Musician of the Year is back where it belongs with Mac McAnally.  
  • Stapleton – needs to wash that hair
  • Carrie singing Softly and Tenderly as a tribute to the musicians lost and Vegas victims was spectacular.  Dang allergies.  Carrie showed again that she has some pipes.  She also showed her humanity by getting choked up during the song.  We all did.  
  • Female vocalist –I’m torn between Kelsea and Miranda –but happy that Miranda won.
  • Eric Church – those shades creep me out 
  • That tall girl (not Nicole) behind Keith Urban needs to move.  Makes Keith look even shorter.

I hope you enjoyed my commentary and know that I mean no disrespect to any artist – well, except for Florida Georgia Line and Lo Cash.  It was neat to see all of the country artists come together in the first major event since the Vegas shooting.  

I promise it won’t be as long before the next blog.  


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