Don’t be that Person at a Concert: Yeah, You

music musings, beaverdamusa.comWe all know that person.  The person at a concert no one wants to be around.  We all have seen them and experienced them through the years.  In all honesty, we may even been that person.  Of course, it was when we were young and stupid.

By my best calculation, I have been to over 200 concerts and many more shows at clubs/bars.  Through the years, I have kind of had a running list of concert “dos and don’ts” running through my head.  I thought I would document them and share them with the Internet for humanity’s sake.  Here they are, in no particular order:

  • Know the Time – Not just for musical shows, but for movies, church, lunch, or anything with a start time.  Unless you are seeing the 80’s version of Guns N Roses or Madonna, be in your seat when the show is scheduled to start.  Realize that there will be a line at the bathroom and concession stands and plan accordingly.  Your lack of planning enough time to park, enter the venue, whiz, and grab a drink all within a span of 10 minute, shouldn’t mean that I have to look at your backside as the artist opens the show.
  • Know Who You are Seeing – Would you wear a Yankees shirt to watch the Cubs play someone other than the Yankees?  No.  Then why would you wear a Journey concert jersey to see Styx?  Just doesn’t make sense.
  • Standing – unless you are in the front of the stage, (pre-Who in Cincinnati), you shouldn’t stand for the whole time.  I agree there are times when a particular song comes on or the artist encourages you to stand, that you should stand.  But, be aware of those around you.  If you look and you are the only person standing – SIT!  I am super cautious about this because at 6’5”, I realize that if I stand – no one behind will see the show.
  • Stay Awhile – no, not the Journey song, but when you leave.  You spend north of $100 on tickets for you and your gal, $50 on food and drink, and maybe you splurge for the $45 artist t-shirt and you leave at the same time the artist leaves before any encores.  Hey buddy – Styx will do Renegade, Pat Benatar will do Heartbreaker, and Journey hasn’t forgotten Don’t Stop Believing.  You paid enough for the whole show – stay for it!  You aren’t getting in front of traffic or anything.  Plus, you are blocking my view.
  • We See You – Don’t bring attention to yourself.  Were you not hugged enough as a child?  Why must you whip your hair so much that it irritates my wife? Why must you twirl those snap and glow moon bracelets in front of me – I see you.    STOP.  PLEASE.  I didn’t pay to watch you play the fool.  We’ve all had that first beer.
  • Know Your Music – Please know that David Lee Roth will not play any Sammy Hagar VH tunes, so don’t’ be an idiot and keep screaming for Dreams.  Also know that Dennis DeYoung left Styx at least a decade ago and the remaining members HATE Mr. Roboto.   You are only hurting your image.
  • The Main Rule – keep your poop in a group.  Barry & I would always look around us to see if there was anyone who looks like they wouldn’t be able to hold it together for the entire show.  What am I talking about?  Puking.  Vomiting.  Heaving.  Spewing. Blowing Chunks.  Nothing ruins a concert experience more than someone enjoying themselves a little too much and spewing within earshot and olfactory range.  Then to make the smell worse – the staff puts that vomit powder on it – you know what I am talking about.  The stuff from elementary school that smells worse than the vomit itself.  If you must spew – please do it away from me.  I don’t want to miss Sammy singing Dreams because you thought a 12 pack of Natty Light and a Taco Bell stop was a great idea on the way to the show.

So, the next time you go to a show, review these rules.   You will have a great time and those around will have one as well.

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About Zach Clayton

Zach Clayton started Music Musings in 2013, but isn’t a stranger to music. While he may be a mild mannered accountant by day, he always has tunes going and forces his staff at work to play music trivia when they enter his office. He is a self-proclaimed lover of all music genres with over 3,500 songs in his iPod. Zach’s first concert was Eddie Money in Vanderbilt’s Memorial Gym in 1979 and claims to have seen Van Halen (all three incarnations) over 25 times. There have only been one or two years since 1979 that Zach hasn’t been to a concert. He also has the uncanny knack of getting to know several folks in the music scene – both out front and behind the scenes. Zach is in the process of indoctrinating his two boys into the rock and roll way by exposing them to concerts and various music while holding them hostage in his truck screaming the mantra – “rap is crap!”


  1. Jennifer says:

    I agree with all but one… Standing during a concert should be a given or maybe a wild card. I always thought of not standing during a concert to be an insult to the artist. I don’t attend many concert because as you mentioned it’s a pricey night out; so if I do, my but is dancing not sitting. But don’t worry, I won’t grab my spouse and make googlely eyes at him as we dance to a slow song.
    Now, if you are in nose bleed seats and it’s scary to walk to your seat without thinking your going to topple over the rails and fall 20 feet to the people in the section below you, then I’d advise those folk to get comfy and bring a blanket.
    As for the 6’5″ folks… don’t wear heels.

  2. Lori Clayton says:

    Uh, oh, I’m an idiot! I asked you when Styx would do “Babe” and you gave me the “stupid idiot” look!!! Next time I will brush up on my concert etiquette!

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