Cops pull out all the stops to arrest snake handler

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Andrew Hamblin is a snake-handling preacher who is featured on a reality show called “Snake Salvation.” I will confess that I’ve watched it twice because it gives me a rare opportunity to pull for the snakes. God doesn’t want us to play with copperheads. He gave us a brain and legs to have the good sense to run away when we see one. This reminds me of when I saw “Jesus or Hell” spray painted on an interstate bridge. God doesn’t want us to spray paint graffiti on a bridge, either — even if it’s religious.

But this isn’t about religion. It’s about applauding good old-fashioned police work.

It was the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency that cracked the case. When asked how they put all the pieces together and pinpointed a suspect, a TWRA spokesman coyly said the agency “received information that he (Hamblin) had snakes.”

Move over, Columbo.

Meanwhile, I have received information that Stanford beat Oregon on Thursday.

Let’s see: the TV show tells the people’s names, where they live and where the churches are. In one episode, Hamblin talks at length about how possessing venomous snakes is illegal in Tennessee. That happens when he is on his way to South Carolina to trade his little snakes for big snakes (I kid you not, because you cannot make this stuff up). During the trip — while in the Taco Bell drive-through line — he makes the TV camera people turn off the lights in his car because he sees a Tennessee State Trooper in the parking lot and didn’t want to get caught.

So if you’re out there breaking the law on your own reality show, be warned:

The cops have televisions, and they’re not afraid to use them.

Okay, gotta go. The “Moonshiners” marathon weekend is just about to start. How do those people not get caught?

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