Ctrl-Alt-Delete, Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

barks between beagles, beaverdamusa.com“Okay, looks like the screen is coming up.”

“Finally. I hate this laptop.”

“Nope, went black again.”

“Dang. Push the power button.”

“That will turn it off.”

“It’s already off. It just went off.”

“I’m about to go off on you. Wait a minute. It’s coming back up. Whew.”

“Move your cursor.”

“I can’t it’s stuck right there.”

“When you turned it off last night, did you put it to sleep or just close the lid?”

“Does it matter?”

“Of course it matters!”

“Well which should I have done, Miss Smarty Pants?”

“Uh, I’m not sure. But apparently you should’ve done the one you didn’t do.”

“Okay, okay, here we go. I can now move the cursor.”

“Whew. It’s about time.”

“Well I… will… be –”

“–What is it now?”

“Google Chrome is not responding. And now I’ve just got that little rolling blue wheel of death.”

“How long has this been going on?”

“Seems like a half an hour.”

“Ain’t nobody got time for that!.”

“Don’t say that.”

“Don’t say what?”

“Don’t say, ‘Ain’t nobody got time for that.’ It is so last year. Nobody says that anymore.”

“I just heard it a couple of days ago.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“No, I am not.”

“Hey! It’s up!”

“Finally. We have so much to do today, I don’t even know where to start.”

“You know what I’m thinking, though?”


“We probably should check Facebook just to see what happened overnight.”

“You’re probably right.”

“Hmmm. Let’s see what we have here… Cat video… cat video… inspirational quote… cat video… ice bucket… ice bucket… picture of an empty breakfast plate… that same Emi Sunshine video that stayed on top of my timeline all freakin’ day yesterday…”

“Call me back when she changes her name to Emo Sunshine and does something by the Plasmatics.”

“That would be slightly less annoying.”

“Hey, look at this!”

“Oh, a new cat video! Hilarious!”

“Pretty good stuff, I must say.”

“All right. Ready to get to work now?”

“Well, it’s almost break time. But we do have time to check Instagram real quick.”

About Ginger & MaryAnn

Ginger and MaryAnn are two sister-beagles of a certain age who blog each Tuesday about their life. Mostly, they eat, sleep and blog. Occasionally, they're tormented by MacGyver, a good-for-nothing alley cat. They're dogs, after all, so their attention spans are...

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