The Curse of Cubbie Nation

Surviving Scorn as a Cubs Fan
And Living to Tell About It

Loving the Cubs... and other problems I have Mark Grissom beaverdamusa.comGreetings! Thank you for checking in on my very first blog for That is enough for the welcome!

I am drinking a cup of decaf coffee and contemplating what I would like to write about. I drink coffee out of a Styrofoam cup. That’s just the way I roll. Get used to it!

I have problems. We all have problems. Some are big. Some are small. Either way, I have them….and so do you! One of my major problems is I am a life-long, die hard fan of one of the worst teams in Major League Baseball….the Chicago Cubs.

It is not my fault. I place all the blame on my father. He raised me this way. He had other options. But he chose to raise me a Cubs fan. I was five years old, living in a small town in northern Illinois, when my father took me to my very first Cubs game. I cannot remember what I did wrong to deserve that horrible punishment. I was five! What did I do? Steal a piece of lunchmeat out of the fridge? Break the lead on my big fat #2 pencil from school? Spill milk on the kitchen floor? I was five years old! What did I do that was so wrong to deserve the punishment of having to attend a Cubs game at Wrigley Field?

It was at that point I was hooked. I was born again into a religion called “Cubbie Nation”. It is a faith in which you enter and there is no returning back to normality. You will be scorned, ridiculed, beaten up, made fun of, picked on and laughed at for the rest of your days here on this earth when you are baptized a Cubs Fan!

My father and I would make our pilgrimage from Zion to the north side of Chicago about three or four times during the summer. Dad has his small, handheld AM radio to listen to WGN Radio during the game. I had my Rawlings ball glove in hopes of catching a foul ball. We ate Vienna all beef hot dogs with mustard only. No ketchup! (You never put ketchup on a hot dog if you’re from Chicago).

Programs were 25 cents and a pencil cost 5 cents. I had to have both. I had accumulated several programs throughout the years with signatures of Cubs players on them. One year, while cleaning my bedroom, my mother….”God Rest Her Soul”….threw them away. It took me many years, but I finally found forgiveness in my heart for her doing that. I doubt they would be worth anything today. The Cubs never made it to the World Series. Never! Not in 49 years of my lifetime.

As a matter of fact, the Cubs have ended up in last place in their division every year for most of my life. We had one team worse than us. The Houston Astros. As luck would have it, MLB moved them to the American League two years ago and now we have last place back all to ourselves.

I have much more to say about this subject and many other subjects in future blogs. Stay tuned.

You think you got it bad… least you’re not a Cubs fan!

Until next time!


About Mark Grissom

Mark was born on the north side of Chicago in 1964. Raised a Cubs fan by his dad, he never had a chance in life. He moved to Cleveland, Tennessee, in 1988. While he lives closer to Atlanta now, he will never be able to leave the religion of "Cubbie Nation." Baptized as a Cubs fan at the age of five, he has no choice but to live the remainder of his life here on earth in mediocrity at its best!

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