A Dog’s Diary

barks between beagles, beaverdamusa.com“What are you doing?”

“Writing in my diary.”

“Can I see?”

“Sure. It’s boring, though.”

“Hmm, let’s see here. Monday, August 4, 2014… Ate, slept, barked. Yep, that summed up yesterday. Sunday, August 3, 2014… Ate, slept, barked. Yeah, I recall that was what you did Sunday. I think I did the same thing.”

“You did. I remember it distinctly.”

“Then we have Saturday, same thing, Friday, same thing, Thursday… You know, you seem to put the same thing on every single day.”

“That’s because we do the same thing everyday.”

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“Is that all there is to life? Is this why we were put on this earth? What is our purpose?!”

“I never really thought about it.”

“Surely there is more to us than that. I mean, did JFK’s diary say ate, slept, barked every day?” Churchill? Michael Jordan? Anne Frank, for Heaven’s sake!?”

“Well, probably not, but come on. Don’t be trying to compare my diary to Anne Frank’s diary.”

“Okay, then, what about Lassie.”

“I’ll bet Lassie’s diary was awesome. Tuesday, pulled Timmy from a well… Wednesday, kept the general store from burning down… Thursday, pulled Timmy from a well, again. Friday, trying to learn to speak human so I can tell someone to cover up that dang well.

“Well, I am depressed now.”

“Me, too. We’re not giving back to society. We’re not contributing to the common cause. We just sit here and –”

“– Eat, sleep…”

“…and bark.”

“What are you doing?”


“If you’re looking for that turkey leg again I buried last Thanksgiving, it’s no use. You’ll never find it.”

“I’m not looking for a turkey leg.”

“Then what are you doing?”

“Digging a well.”

“Good idea. I’ll go try to find someone named Timmy.”

About Ginger & MaryAnn

Ginger and MaryAnn are two sister-beagles of a certain age who blog each Tuesday about their life. Mostly, they eat, sleep and blog. Occasionally, they're tormented by MacGyver, a good-for-nothing alley cat. They're dogs, after all, so their attention spans are...

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