Diddy Doesn’t Know Squat About Sharing a Birthday

Happy Birthday Jesus, me
and… Diddy?

BeaverDamUSA.comHe’s been Puff Daddy. He’s been P. Diddy. Now, he’s just plain ol’ Diddy. There are probably other variations, but this isn’t about Sean Combs’ wacky name changes.

I couldn’t relate to him doing that. I can, however, relate to his latest PR escapade. In case you missed it, Diddy has changed his birthday. He tweeted:

Its my Birthday Monday and I’m just not ready! TIRED. Real talk So I changed my BIRthday just for this year # to NOV 16th! #diddyNewBday

Hey, Diddy, here’s some real talk for you: call me back when you share your birthday month with the Prince of Peace.

My birthday is 11 days before Christmas. Let me say up front that I was never deprived anything because of it. My family has always seen to that. But, sharing your birthday month with the namesake of Christianity can be a pain. Try going to dinner on a weekend night in December. (Of course, Diddy could walk right in, I’m sure. But Diddlysquat here cannot.) In our youth, we December babies had to study for final exams. That was okay, because all our friends were studying also; there wouldn’t have been a party anyway. In later years, we’ve had to blow out candles while worrying about looming performance reviews at work. Just once on my birthday I would like to walk into a store without hearing Mariah Carey butchering “All I Want for Christmas is You.”

Hey, Salvation Army guy: can you play “Happy Birthday” with that bell?

I didn’t think so.

Buy Diddy a birthday present here.

Last year, the saddest show in the history of the world, “Frosty the Snowman,” aired on my birthday. Frosty just melted into a puddle of water and died. Let’s Party!

So Diddy, you might want to rethink moving your birthday closer to Christmas. Take it from me. There is no room in the inn — hasn’t been for years.

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