ESPN recruiting list proves onces again it’s not the Common Sense Network

ESPN has done it again.

In their latest RecruitingNation Class Rankings, they have 5 SEC teams in the top 10. That’s not surprising, given the crazy number of beasts that our conference schools are getting.

What’s ridiculous, and transparent, is the other teams they always place up there regardless. Why don’t you tell me the non-SEC teams in the top 5?

If you said Kiffin’s LA Chokers, you would be right. And of course, the Golden Domers. And what would a top-5 list be without the good ol’ Buckeyes? If you said “more accurate” you would be right, but I digress. (You get Honorable Mention if you said the Big Blue, who came in at #6).

So ESPN’s top 5 is Florida, USC, Notre Dame, Alabama and Ohio State. Here’s the rub, though.

USC has 16 commitments, Notre Dame has 22 and Ohio State has 19. That’s relevant because Texas A&M, with 33, is ranked 7th and Georgia, with 30, is ranked 10th. Yes, the quality is a factor. And every Tom, Dick and Harry runs a ranking service, and none of them is worth a hill of beans in my opinion.

But I ask you: would you rather have USC’s 16 recruits or Texas A&M’s 33 regardless of who they are?

In something that actually is a shock, Vanderbilt makes the list at 17th. James Franklin is going to end up moving across the river to coach the Titans if Vandy doesn’t lock him down tight.

Other SEC schools and their ranking are Auburn, 12; South Carolina, 16; Ole Miss, 21; Mississippi State, 29; Tennessee, 30; and Missouri, 36. In fairness, I’m not sure how Auburn landed 12th with only a dozen commitments.

Besides Auburn, every single SEC school has more commitments than #2 USC. As always, though, the proof is on the field. And wouldn’t these other schools and ESPN be happy if this were the national rankings?

Until next time, Slackers, this is Coach Billy Jack Hoover.

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