Facebook Movie

facebook movie beaverdamusa.com“What are you doing?”

“I’m watching my Facebook Movie. Oh, here I am at the beach.”

“Oh, boy…”

“And I wrote, ‘My view.’”

“You’re so original.”

“Aw, there’s my first selfie, New Year’s Eve 2008 at the VFW!”

“Yeah, and we all knew what was in that cup, too.”

“Don’t be silly. I just went there to dance… Oh look! Here’s me getting the Best Barker award at school, and I wrote ‘Proud Puppy Alert.’”

“Oh, let me see!”



“One of my most popular posts was about my radical views about what country the mailman was born in.”

“Did you ever find out?”

“I don’t want to talk about it… And here’s one of me and you where I said, “I love, love, love this girllllllll.”

“Yeah, I love, love, love the way you put like a thousand ‘L’s at the end of girl.”

“That was great. I’m gonna watch it again… What are you doing? Are you watching yours?”

“No, I’m tweeting what a dork you are.”

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