Fairytales are for Disney Movies

erica bryan, beaverdamusa.com, behind the micOnce upon a time, there lived a bright-eyed, redheaded girl. She decided one day she would move to Nashville, TN to become a Country singer.

Full of ambition and optimism, she walked down Music Row just waiting for her “big break” to come. She landed a day job working for Reba McEntire — the same job Faith Hill had before she got big — so she just knew it was only a matter of time before she followed in Faith’s footsteps.

One day, she was sitting at her desk, and a movie director walked into the office and told her she should star in his movie. The redheaded girl thought to herself, “This is it! This is what I’ve been waiting for!”

Sounds like a fairytale…right?!

Months went by, and the movie seemed to be taking longer to get off the ground than she originally thought. She went to meetings, and they kept telling her they would film the next week. Then the next week. Then, almost a year later, all the movie stuff fell off the face of the earth. The once bright-eyed girl still held on to her optimism, but her eyes were a little more used to the light.

At first, my life did seem like a fairytale. However, my story didn’t end like I thought it would. In fact, my story is just beginning.

I’ve had a lot of opportunities “fall in my lap” since the movie that didn’t work out, but I’ve also had a lot of opportunities that did work out. I’ve found that the harder I work, the more opportunities I have.

I used to see big music stars debut their first album and think, “Man, their success just happened overnight!” But, the truth is, there’s a lot of hard work behind the scenes I didn’t see, that I am just now learning.

That’s what this blog is about. It is my behind-the-scenes journey of being a musician. Come join me as I fill you in on the missteps, as well as the small victories. We can leave the fairytales to Disney.

(Note: Check out the story we recently ran on Erica.)

About Erica Bryan

Erica’s passion for performing started when her mom brought her to her first theatre audition in Pennsylvania when she was eight years old. She didn’t make the cut. But the next year, she went back to the same audition and got the part. From an early age, Erica learned that with hard work and persistence, anything can happen. After her first show, there was no question that performing is what she would do for a living.
When she was twelve years old, her family moved to Roswell, GA, where she heard Country music for the first time. After listening to Reba and singing lots of Shania Twain karaoke, Erica decided she wanted to be a Country singer. Some years went by and, although Country music was always in the back of her mind, she started focusing more on her theatre opportunities, which led to her decision to study Musical Theatre in college.
While still in college, Erica performed professionally with Opera Birmingham, and spent her summers performing at theme parks and theatres. After graduation, she moved to New York City to continue her professional theatre career. While in New York, Erica got to train with Broadway’s finest actors and was cast in leading roles in Regional Theatres around the country. During one of her shows, Erica had the opportunity to perform with a Country band on the side. Call it coincidence or fate, but Erica was back singing Country music in the middle of a theatre contract, and she fell in love all over again.
After another year in theatre, it became clear to Erica that it was time to move to Nashville, TN and pursue her original childhood dream of being a Country artist. Shortly after arriving to Nashville, she landed a day job working for country hero, Reba McEntire, at Starstruck Entertainment. By night, she began crafting her own songs and writing skills. Within a couple months of songwriting, Erica’s songs started receiving the highest honors from the Nashville Songwriters Association. She recently released her debut single “This House Is Haunted,” and is receiving radio play in multiple countries. For the Country Record describes Erica as, “one of those rare multi-talented people who most only dream about becoming.” Erica is currently touring with her original music and plays keys, ukulele, and guitar to anyone who will listen.

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