How to: Mother’s Day

katherine holmgren, beaverdamusa.comDear Mom,

Hello. How are you? Great to hear!

Mother’s Day is coming up and what cheaper/better way to mark the occasion than with a post listing the things you do that make me thankful that you’re my mom?

  • I love your selflessness in letting me go through your closet when I’m home to pick out clothing I want to steal.

  • Similarly, I love how the articles of clothing I am most complimented on are followed by “thanks, my mom gave it to me.”

  • I love how you didn’t want me turning to smutty romance books or movies in my teenage years so you led me to believe that reading and being obsessed with Amish romance novels was fine and not weird.

  • I love that I think of you when springtime comes and I’m explaining to a friend how incredible it is that we’ve managed to find Hershey Chocolate Eggs in the grocery store and should we just buy every bag?

  • I love how I get more Christmas gifts than my brothers because I’m your only daughter.

  • I love and appreciate the honesty you conveyed many times when I was in high school and you told me I shouldn’t wear the same hoodie sweatshirt every day with ill-fitting basketball shorts.

  • I love your wisdom and your faith. I listen when you speak.

  • I love when you leave a big life decision up to me and I find out later that you knew the right choice all along but wanted me to get there on my own.

  • I love your chocolate chip cookies, tortellini soup, caramel bars, beef tenderloin, porcupine balls, taco salad, mashed potatoes, the cheesy potatoes with the corn flakes on top, frosted sugar cookies, and italian cream cake.

  • I love you!

Happy Mother’s Day! Please send money and/or baked goods!




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Katherine Holmgren grew up in the metropolitan jungles of Kansas so she's street smart and deeply Midwestern. She moved to Nashville in 2008 and currently spends her time working at a desk by day and playing music by night. When she's procrastinating on the work she is supposed to be doing, Katherine enjoys eating at Chipotle, reminding people about her Swedish heritage, and assuring Netflix that yes, she is still watching. Play on.

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