How to: Skip a Week

katherine holmgren, beaverdamusa.comMy dear readers,

I am writing this letter to you by the dim light of the iPhone because I care/forgot about you. Don’t worry about it.

I have so much to tell you, diary! I moved 600ish miles on Monday to start a new life and my head is still spinning. Can you believe it? Little old me deciding that I want something and going for it. Or whatever. I don’t know. It’s a lot to process.

So I’m taking this week off. The last time I took a week off people freaked out and I just want to remind you, I don’t get paid to do this so I actually don’t care. At least this time I’m trying to break it to you gently.

Good luck to you in your week. Hope it goes great.

Respectfully yours,

About Katherine Holmgren

Katherine Holmgren grew up in the metropolitan jungles of Kansas so she's street smart and deeply Midwestern. She moved to Nashville in 2008 and currently spends her time working at a desk by day and playing music by night. When she's procrastinating on the work she is supposed to be doing, Katherine enjoys eating at Chipotle, reminding people about her Swedish heritage, and assuring Netflix that yes, she is still watching. Play on.

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