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music musings, beaverdamusa.comA couple of weeks ago, I called upon my sweet wife to go listen to some music with me at a relatively new place – the Old School Farm Bar.  When I told her who was playing, convincing wasn’t necessary.  We were going to see our friend Jaime Kyle  and her husband, Dave Jenkins.

jaime kyleJaime’s debut album (Passionate Kind) came out in 1992 and the debut single Ragged Heart received significant airplay on local radio.  I first heard her on WKDF – yes Nashville newcomers, WKDF used to play rock music.  Ian Case & the Duke interviewed Jaime and I guess the Nashville pride took over.  Here was a Nashville native who had great music and wasn’t singing country.  The Passionate Kind became my go-to album for gifts and telling folks about this artist from right here in Nashville.

Jaime played very few shows in Nashville, but I did get to catch her at 328 Performance Hall with my friends, Mike and Lori.  Fast forward a couple of years and I have met my bride and we went to hear my high school friend Mike and his band, Sunday Drivers at what could be best described as a dive – Rick’s Circus Pizza.  This was pre-kids and traveling across the city and staying out past 10:00 was the norm.  Through a mutual friend of Mike’s, Jaime came out to listen to the Sunday Drivers.  We started chatting and a friendship grew between Jaime, Lori, & me after that night.  We got to see her a few times at the Bluebird through the years.  When Lori & I hosted a JDRF fundraiser in Kingston Springs, we turned to Jaime to be the entertainment.  She didn’t disappoint and brought Walter Egan (Magnet & Steel) to sing along with her.  Lori & I will forever be grateful to her for that.  She also played a benefit to help preserve one of the last natural areas in Nashville – Bell’s Bend.  The band she put together for that show was incredible – Lance Hoppen from Orleans (the band, not the city), Bill Lloyd from Foster & Lloyd, and the incomparable Jonell Mosser – a who’s who of Nashville musicians.  Nashville couldn’t keep Jaime musically or physically.  She wrote Faith Hill’s breakout single Wild One and Heart’s Stranded.  She also married Dave Jenkins of Pablo Cruise and splits time between Nashville and the Left Coast.

Back to the music – Jaime, Dave and Lance played the Old School Farm Bar which coincidentally is in Bell’s Bend.  Jaime & Dave traded off playing their songs so it was a chance to listen to those cool Pablo Cruise songs Love Will Find A Way and Whatcha Gonna Do in addition to Jaime’s Wild One, Stranded, and my personal favorite Untangled.  While the venue might not be the most lush – think elementary school gym/stage; it was a chance to listen to some great music from an old friend and a new one.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love living in this town?


P.S.  Lots of material to come – look for musings on the Meatloaf show and the acoustic show from Pat Benatar and Neil Geraldo.

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Zach Clayton started Music Musings in 2013, but isn’t a stranger to music. While he may be a mild mannered accountant by day, he always has tunes going and forces his staff at work to play music trivia when they enter his office. He is a self-proclaimed lover of all music genres with over 3,500 songs in his iPod. Zach’s first concert was Eddie Money in Vanderbilt’s Memorial Gym in 1979 and claims to have seen Van Halen (all three incarnations) over 25 times. There have only been one or two years since 1979 that Zach hasn’t been to a concert. He also has the uncanny knack of getting to know several folks in the music scene – both out front and behind the scenes. Zach is in the process of indoctrinating his two boys into the rock and roll way by exposing them to concerts and various music while holding them hostage in his truck screaming the mantra – “rap is crap!”

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