Low-rise Jeans

barks between beagles, beaverdamusa.com“You look ridiculous.”


“I can see half your tail. You’re too old for low-rise jeans.”

“I am not. The salesperson said they looked great on me.”

“Oh, she just wanted to sell a pair of jeans.”

“For your information, Miss Smarty Pants, it wasn’t a she, it was a he. And I think he was interested in me.”

“Oh, is that so. Where were you even shopping.”

“American Beagle.”

“American Beagle is for puppies. Let’s ask the cat. MacGyver, do you think these jeans look good on Ginger? MacGyver? MacGyver!”

“I think she’s deaf.”

“One out of three pets is.”

“One out of three pets is what?”


“Where’d you see that?”

“I figured it out myself. I’m not deaf. You’re not deaf. MacGyver is deaf. One out of three.”

“You know what I figured out?”


“One out of one 11-year-old dogs looks stupid in low-rise jeans.”



About Ginger & MaryAnn

Ginger and MaryAnn are two sister-beagles of a certain age who blog each Tuesday about their life. Mostly, they eat, sleep and blog. Occasionally, they're tormented by MacGyver, a good-for-nothing alley cat. They're dogs, after all, so their attention spans are...

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