Margarita’s in Macon

Margarita's in Macon beaverdamusa.comChely Sizemore wanted to get all uppity with the menu at The Beaver Dam Roadside Tavern again. This time, she got her mind on clams. After a bit of pestering, she convinced me it was a good idea. So me, her and Mrs. Coach Billy Jack Hoover (MCBJH) jumped in Chely’s big Dodge and headed toward Cedar Key, Florida.

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Now MCBJH just loves her some Mexican food, so we started hunting a place to eat supper around Macon, Georgia. We landed at Margarita’s Mexican Grill. Not a real creative name, but we tried it anyway, and we were pleasantly surprised. The chips were unique — thin and crispy — and the salsa was hot enough. Of course Chely wanted a bit more kick. She doesn’t think it’s hot unless you start squalling in the first 5 minutes.

Our waiter was a weird little feller, but that’s okay. The table next to us was real loud and full of slackers, and he asked if he could sit with us. MCBJH started scooting over before we told her he was only attempting to be funny. I had the chicken tacos. They came with no frills, no thrills. Chely had a chicken dish and MCBJH had the enchiladas.

Margarita's in Macon beaverdamusa.comAnyway, the food was fine. It won’t change your life or anything, but if you’re in Macon or Milledgeville, give them a try.

I’ll report on our adventures in Cedar Key in a few days.

Coach Billy Jack Hoover

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