Mariah’s NYE Disaster – My Take

music musings, beaverdamusa.comWell, by now you have probably seen or heard about Mariah Carey’s colossal foul-up on New Year’s Eve, either live or on YouTube.  If you have been away in Siberia and missed it, you can see it here -  Mariah – NYE.

While there have been accusations flying from both Dick Clark Productions and Team Mariah – it is simple – I believe she was impaired, smashed, high, stoned, tore up, or any other word you choose.  

How do I know this?  Look at what she is wearing and compare it to the crowd.  Folks are wrapped up like Nannook of the North, but MC has on the equivalent of a French-cut one-piece bathing suit.  She has to be out of her mind to wear that little amount of clothing in that cold weather.  

I won’t even get into the fact that she shouldn’t be wearing that outfit, regardless of the temperature.  It appears there was a constant battle between certain body parts and the elastic.  Just sayin’. 

News flash – she was lip synching and she would have been lip synching even if she was not hammered.  Here is another news flash for you – the people on the floats in the Thanksgiving parade are not singing either.  If you are old enough to remember American Bandstand, I hate to burst your bubble, but they were lip synching also.  How do I know? The fadeout at the end of the song was my first hint.  

If you remember Bandstand, you remember the king of all lip synchers – Milli Vinilli.  For the younger crowd, this duo put out a top selling album, won a Grammy, and sold out shows across the world.  Then it came out that they didn’t sing on the album and lip synched during their shows.  

Actually, a lip synch foul-up at a show was the start of their undoing.  Reminds me of the Johnny Bravo episode of the Brady Bunch (sorry, you must do your own research).   

All this to say that lip synching has been around for several years and will probably continue as long as more emphasis is placed on the presentation than the actual music.  Sadly, there are bands that use pre-recorded vocals and music in their “live” shows which I can’t stand – not that they asked me.   

I guess as “consumers” of music, we must decide what we like – the show or the music.  Personally, I feel you should never record anything that you can’t play live without help.  I’d rather hear an imperfect performance that is real than a perfect recorded performance.

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