chely sizemore

Chely Sizemore just wants to make her boat payment and have fun riding in it. She’s best known around these parts as the head waitress at the Beaver Dam as well as the Featured Correspondent on the “SEC Pigskin Picks” radio show. Chely figured out when she was 12 that tank tops are truly a gift from Heaven. She can wait tables at the Dam until 2 a.m., and still be on time to teach the Teenage Boys Sunday School Class at the Catfish County First Baptist Church the next day. She loves football, tank tops (Get one here.cut-offs, bacon, sweet tea and strawberry wine. Her advice column, “What Would Chely Do?” takes all the guesswork out of men, relationships, picking hair colors, and helping the less fortunate — you know, those not naturally blonde. 

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Need a little help with something? Email, and she might answer your question in an upcoming “What Would Chely Do?” blog.
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