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mom and dad's italian valdosta beaverdamusa.comWe love local places. I’ve always been amused by people who eat at Red Lobster while they’re at the beach.

A few days ago, we stopped in Valdosta, Ga., and were referred to Mom and Dad’s Italian Restaurant. Mom and Dad’s is a little place in a nondescript building with a simple, retro feel. Black and white photographs of the owners’ family hang on the wall. The owner’s son, who runs the Valdosta location, even stopped by our table to tell us the story of his family’s restaurant history. It was a nice touch. Our server had the perfect combination of knowledge and pleasantness. She spoke with us quite a while and it was enjoyable. (And I’m usually not one for too much gratuitous server interaction.)

Here are some highlights from the menu:

The soup and salad course was a treat. The house salad was crisp and fresh, with a tangy vinaigrette dressing. The minestrone was rich and delicious. Although no one at our table had it, the spinach salad comes served with warm bacon dressing. I’m pretty sure “warm bacon dressing” may be the three happiest words in the English language.

I can speak to the chicken parmigiana. It was fried crispy, and served with a delicious marinara sauce. Naturally, it was topped with mozzarella cheese. It was truly delicious, and it was huge.

The tortellini came with a red meat sauce, and I understand it was delicious as well. Again, the portion was generous.

The wine list featured several local wines, and plenty were reasonably priced. The dessert menu was nice as well.

In all, it was a tasty, fun experience – elegant enough but not stuffy. The dress code is “come as you are,” which is a bit disappointing. There’s nothing wrong with changing out of the T-shirt to eat food this good.

Mom and Dad’s Italian restaurant is off of Interstate 75, Exit 22, in Valdosta. The address is 4143 North Valdosta Road.

You can visit their web site and see a menu here. They’re on Facebook, but the account is not too active. Hopefully they’re too busy cooking.

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  1. Mike Owens says:

    Now I have a reason to head to Valdosta. Barry, I can just about taste what you have written about. Your ramblings are always a treat!

    Here by the Owl,
    -Mike Owens

  2. Thanks! The bad news is I gave up red meat (and fried potatoes) for lent. I desperately wanted the lasagna and didn’t get to order it, so I may sneak down there on Easter. You could come pick me up.

    Stationed by the plow…

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