Praise For My Mother’s Love

Loving the Cubs... and other problems I have Mark Grissom beaverdamusa.comLet me begin by saying “Congratulations” to the Auburn Tigers for their win over Missouri in the SEC Championship. WAR EAGLE!

Enough of that. Now for the rest of the story!

I was 5 years old. That was about as early as I can remember in my life. So we shall start there.

I do not remember if they won or lost. However, it is quite easy to assume they lost…because they are the Cubs.

I had memorized all the players on the Chicago Cubs roster that year. I knew who was playing at every position. I knew every pitcher. I knew everyone on the Cubs roster. I would have memorized the names of the grounds crew at the friendly confines of Wrigley Field…except they did not make that public.

My dad was taking me to my very first Cubs game that year. I do not remember who they played. I do not remember if they won or lost. However, it is quite easy to assume they lost…because they are the Cubs.

After that game, my dad and I went to many more games as I was growing up in Zion and then after we moved to Bridgeview, a suburb of Chicago on the southwest side.

There was one person that I remember well, who encouraged my father to take me to all the ballgames he could. That person made sure that I had my ball glove, radio, raincoat, (in case of rain) and a few dollars in my pocket to buy a program, a pencil and maybe even chocolate malt!

That person was my mother.

My mom was a “rock” for me growing up. She was the one who made sure I was dressed for school, that I did my homework, that I studied my piano lessons, that I played my trumpet on a regular basis and most of all, (and most important)…that I was in church every time the doors were opened.

On Sunday mornings, dad usually left for church quite early to turn on the lights, make sure the heat or air was on and everything was clean in the sanctuary for the service. I stayed at home with mom and we went to church together every Sunday. I was always the first one ready and waiting for mom downstairs. I usually watched TV or played the piano while she was finishing getting ready. (Mom loved for me to play the piano on Sunday before we went to church…I miss that).

She drove us to church until I was old enough, and had my permit, and then I got to drive. Church was just a few blocks away. But still…by the time we got there, I had made her so nervous with my driving…I am sure she needed to say a few extra prayers during service!

She was my “ROCK”!  She, along with my father, was my spiritual guide when I was growing up. My mom was a true Christian lady! She lived by example in her faith and in her worship at church.

I remember, growing up sitting by her in church, you did not dare talk or be disobedient during service. She would take her thumb and index finger and pinch you so hard on the inside of your leg you would want to cry! I knew better…so I behaved. Most of the time.

This Saturday, December 14, will mark the third year anniversary that my mom went home to be with the Lord. It is a difficult time of the year for me, to say the very least. I miss her…I always will. But I especially miss her during the Christmas Holidays.

I love you mom!  Thank you for the Christian home you raised me in. Thank you for always bragging on my piano playing. Thank you for making sure I had clean clothes and a hot meal every day. Thank you for loving me with an unconditional love like nobody else will ever love me.

And thank you, mom, for nudging dad to take me to the see the Chicago Cubs. Now if it is not too much trouble, could you ask the Lord to help us win a World Series one year?

Merry Christmas in Heaven, mom.

Love, Mark

About Mark Grissom

Mark was born on the north side of Chicago in 1964. Raised a Cubs fan by his dad, he never had a chance in life. He moved to Cleveland, Tennessee, in 1988. While he lives closer to Atlanta now, he will never be able to leave the religion of "Cubbie Nation." Baptized as a Cubs fan at the age of five, he has no choice but to live the remainder of his life here on earth in mediocrity at its best!

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