Ohio Hospitality at the Franklin Tavern

Image via Franklin Tavern Facebook page.

Image via Franklin Tavern Facebook page.

Who says you can only get southern hospitality down south?

The people at the Franklin Tavern certainly wouldn’t say that, and they would be right.

The Franklin Tavern is located in the hamlet of Franklin, Ohio, just off of I-75, between Cincinnati and Dayton. The tavern beverage menu is extensive, and their food menu is impressive as well. Think of it as home-cooked bar food with lots of extras. One of their specialties is the Buffalo Chicken Dip, which is served with tortilla chips and is delectable.

We enjoyed talking with our server, Candace, who took time to get to know us. Jackie, one of the owners, came by and talked for a while. We lost track of time trading stories. It was almost like we were regulars.

We were there on karaoke night, but we got there before that started. I think Candace was genuinely disappointed we weren’t up to the task of staying around and joining in the fun.

The only thing I would change would be the TV channel, because they had the Cincinnati Reds game on. But I guess I can forgive them for that.

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