Pero’s Pizza in Atlanta

pero's pizza

By Coach Billy Jack Hoover

As you all know, Mrs. Coach Billy Jack Hoover, Chely Sizemore and I took a little trip to Florida a few weeks ago. I decided to get away, loosen up a little bit. Chely tagged along because she wanted to sample some fresh clams.

On the way back home, Mrs. Coach Billy Jack Hoover took a notion to swing through Atlanta to see her fourth cousin who is a concierge down at one of those fancy hotels on Peachtree Street. In case you don’t know, a concierge is somebody who finds somebody to scratch your back if you tell him it’s itching.

I was itching for food instead (see what I did there?), so Chely and I dropped Mrs. Coach Billy Jack Hoover at the hotel, and we went looking for something to eat.

We ended up in Buckhead, which is one of the fanciest parts of town. After driving around for a while, Chely slammed the big 4-wheel-drive in Park at a little place called Pero’s Pizza. It was kind of dark in there. Mrs. Coach Billy Jack Hoover would call that “ambiance.” I never knew exactly what that meant, but any time somebody says “ambience” I always end up having to hold up the menu funny to see it.

I’m more about the food, anyway. We started with their famous bruschetta and some fried mozzarella sticks. The appetizers were good, but next time I’ll skip them and just get a bigger pizza. For the main event, we shared a Pero’s Special which is pepperoni, mushrooms, sausage, onions and green peppers. Of course Chely had them add bacon to her half. I won’t bore you with the details. Just go get you some right now wherever you are.

I did almost cry though when I found out that we were too late for their lunch buffet. It’s probably for the best, though. I would’ve probably just made a fool out of myself if I’d been there for that. (I can mess up some good ambience when I tie on the old food bag at a pizza buffet.) As it was, I was glad Chely was driving. Heck, I was thinking about the pizza so much I almost forgot that we had to go back downtown to pick up Mrs. Coach Billy Jack Hoover.

So if you can stand the traffic and all the peculiarities that make Atlanta Atlanta, go to Pero’s Pizza. Tell them Coach Billy Jack Hoover and Chely Sizemore sent you.

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