Phil’s BBQ – Eufaula, AL

Aight, everybody, this is Coach Billy Jack Hoover, and I am proud to be writing the first post for “Good Grub, Southern Style” brought to you by

Back before the Iron Bowl, Chely Sizemore told me about a barbecue joint in Eufaula, Alabama, called Phil’s BBQ. You may remember that she mentioned it on our All Conference Team edition of the SEC Pigskin Picks radio show. She went there and proclaimed it the best sweet tea (and barbecue place) in the South. Well I didn’t do nothing but jump in the truck to go and try it for myself. Eufaula ain’t that big of a place, so it’s not hard to find. It’s about a block off the main drag behind the Citgo. I ain’t making that up. That’s even what it says on the billboards.

I was half expecting to taste the same old slacker barbecue that so many places try to pass off as the real thing. I don’t know Phil, but if I ever saw him I would give him a Gatorade bath that he would never forget. I had the pulled pork (that’s what barbecue is, you know), baked beans and cole slaw. And of course, sweet tea. The portions were bigger than I could ever imagine, and it’s slap-your-grandma good. If you’re not slobbering by now, I haven’t done a good job of explaining it. I will say this: Phil has his own sauce labels, and it’s pretty good stuff. But I recommend not using it. You don’t need it.

Chely had the turkey, and she said it was melt-in-your-mouth good, too. You know women-folk, they just think they’ve gotta order something that used to have wings but couldn’t fly.

Slackers, if you’re ever in Eufaula, hit up Phil’s. They’re real nice in there. Just tell them Coach Billy Jack Hoover sent you.

I snapped a couple of pictures.

They’re proud of the Eufaula Tigers football team at Phils, as they should be. They’ve won almost as many championships as my Catfish County Poison Fins. Almost, that is.

Phil's BBQ










You can’t tell it, but the picture in the middle is signed to Phil’s by none other than the notorious Coach Bobby Petrino himself. I don’t agree with everything he’s done, but I am surely in agreement with his taste in barbecue.

Phil's bbq










If you’re still reading this, well I appreciate it. I hope your mouth is slobbering! Go check out our SEC Pigskin Picks page and our All Conference Team page, or just meet me at Phil’s.


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