The Pro Bowl: Bad football at its best

I watched most of that dang Pro Bowl. Sometimes bad football is better than no football.

Not this time.

I realize these guys get paid multi-millions, and they don’t want to hurt themselves (and apparently each other) during an All-Star game, but that was ridiculous. I’ve seen harder hits at Ryan’s when two people lunged for the last drumstick. A Harlem Globetrotters game has more drama. I almost switched over to see if The Biggest Loser was on.

Since the NFL apparently wouldn’t spring for flags, at least year maybe they’ll make it 2-hand touch below the waist. Maybe the cheerleaders can play for a drive — add a little Powder Puff angle to it. At least it would be somewhat watchable. Maybe we’ll be able to tweet directly to the Mannings during the game. Heck, maybe we can tweet directly to them during plays!

Three hours and a blue million yards later, it was mercifully over without even one concussion. I guess that is a bit of good news.

And no one was even talking about the commercials.

Til next time, give Me 20 Slackers,

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