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Absolut Citron Melted Bottle



Product Description

Absolut Citron Melted Bottle

This Absolut Citron flattened bottle is perfect as a serving tray, bread or cheese tray, etc.

Brand: Absolut Citron Vodka
Shape: Shallow tray
Size: 11 × 5 inches

Although we kiln fire all our bottles to 1,500 degrees, we were able to preserve the painted-on labels on these bottles. We fire our bottles in a variety of molds, or flat. Depending on the shape, they make perfect serving dishes, cheese trays, spoon rests, bread trays, etc. Their uses are limited only to your imagination. All bottles are unique. You will get the actual bottle pictured. If your brand isn’t represented here, email us at kimsglass@gmail.com, and we’ll see if we have it in stock.

absolut citron beaverdamusa.com

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White Tan Royal Blue


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