Reviewing “Albuquerque Sky” from Sarah Peacock, plus other tidbits

Sarah peacock beaverdamusa.comOn October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy slammed the New Jersey coastline and quickly became the second costliest hurricane in US history.

Sarah Peacock was right in the middle of it. Then she did what songwriters do: she wrote a song about it.

“I lived through it,” she said. “I was in Red Bank, New Jersey, when it blew ashore. We were in the eye of the hurricane, and I experienced the devastation first-hand.”

“Hurricane” was the heart-felt effort that came from her experience. Download it from, and 100% of the proceeds go directly to Hurricane Sandy relief.

“I saw the damage. And I saw a lot of the folks who were friends of friends; they were government employees who were involved in the relief efforts. It was horrible, then at the same time I saw the love and compassion people started showing toward each other. They really pulled together. It was something I thought was very neat.

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“Love is the most powerful force in the universe, more power than any wind can blow.”


Sarah and her booking agent Mollie Clayton jokingly call (or maybe not) her current outing “The Definitely Indefinite Tour.” She’s spanned 46 states, including Alaska. But gigging isn’t all she’s about these days. Sarah and her team take the business end of music very seriously. “We plan to build the fan base exponentially this year,” she said. “We’re working on a video now. It’s a lot to juggle.” She tirelessly does press and appearances. “You never know when that moment is going to come,” she said.


Sarah’s new album Albuquerque Sky is a mixture of modern and traditional country. Her southern roots pepper the songs with tenderness, truth and a little sass when necessary. As she noted, this album is a vast departure from Straight For Your Heart, her first release in 2009. Do not cherry pick the songs in this album. It is wall-to-wall. Get it at In the meantime, here is our down-and-dirty review of each track.

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“Jeans”… Driving country rocker, 100% radio-ready, the female answer to Aldean.

“Things We Didn’t Do”… Catchy and upbeat tune about leaving the door open after a break-up. Big vocal, big chorus, shredding slide and electric guitar solos.

“Albuquerque Sky”… Reflective mid-tempo, earthy and acoustic.

“Cast My Line”… Cool groove, radio friendly, nifty guitar riffs.

“Dry Spell”… Lyric-driven, thoughtful.

“Jesus, Wonderful Lord”… A creative effort for all you Baptists out there.

“Rio Grande”… Intimate, heartfelt vocal, folksy.

“Not Just a Country Song”… Another cool country groove song. Awesome harmonies.

“Paralyzed”… We love the mandolin and Dobro solos. Anybody wanna two-step?

“One Ticket”… Haunting, a la “Midnight in Montgomery.”

“Our Place”… Upbeat, up-tempo, perfect summer song.

“Where Will You Run”… Toe tapper, light and airy melody, big chorus. For what it’s worth, this is the Beaver Dam’s favorite track on the album.

“Blue Flame”… Different feel from the others with lots of piano.

“If It Don’t Kill Me”… Fresh lyrics, a beautiful cry-yourself-to-sleep ballad. Aspiring vocalists: learn to sing this way.

“I Left My Heart in New Mexico”… Fun Texas-swing, ‘70s country feel.

“117 Stewart Street”… “Foggy Mountain Breakdown” has nothing on this little ditty.


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