Sometimes We Can Agree on Right and Wrong

barry currin, stories of a world gone mad, beaverdamusa.comWhat is the difference between right and wrong?

This depends on your point of view. For most of us, the answer would lie somewhere among the Ten Commandments. They pretty much cover all the biggies. Although sometimes I wonder if Moses was so tired after bringing down the first ten that he forgot to go back and get the rest.

Across this big world of ours, different religions and cultures believe differently on what is good or bad, right or wrong. 

A hunter in a jungle in a remote corner of the world and a vegan in the freshman dorm down the street would certainly have different views on what to do with a bunny.

Or, we could debate all day whether it’s okay for a parent to steal if that is the only way he or she can feed their family.

There is seemingly almost nothing everyone on earth could agree on.

Notice I said almost nothing.

I can think of two exceptions.

Kim celebrated her birthday last week. Celebrate is a bit of a stretch. A couple of days before it, she ran across a card I had given her a few years before and told me I could just give it to her again. That was probably the nicest thing she’s ever done for me, but that’s beside the point.

 She got cards from several different people, but the one that stood out was the one with glitter in it which spilled out all over the carpet when she opened it.

The degree to which that is annoying is incomprehensible, regardless of whether you’re from the Burmese Jungle or you teach the young adults class at First Baptist.

I never thought I could write greeting card verses, but I could write ones for the cards that have glitter in them.

“Happy birthday, I hope you chip a tooth.”

“Happy birthday, here’s to the bottom of your foot itching while you’re wearing boots.”

“Happy birthday, your dog paid my azaleas a visit again last week.”

And of course, “Happy birthday, I know you like to vacuum. You’re welcome.”

My bags are packed, Hallmark. Call me.

But the exploding greeting card is merely first runner up.

As I announce the winner, let me set the stage for you.

It’s raining. It’s cold. You’ve been working all day, and it’s almost dark. Five minutes before you leave work to come home your child calls to tell you he has a science project due tomorrow that will require two pieces of poster board, five mailing tubes, duct tape, baking soda, vinegar and brown spray paint.

You’re almost out of gas to begin with. Then, you sit through three stop lights trying to make a left turn at rush hour. Finally, you reach the store parking lot; and through your tears you can see one vacant spot.

Victory? Not so fast.

As you head your car into the spot, you see it: a little soggy white ball of plastic and cotton all taped up and lying in a puddle right where you will step out after your front tire runs over it.

You instantly lose your mind. Your kid will flunk science.

Leaving a dirty diaper behind for someone else to worry about is wrong. It is not debatable.

I think we all can agree on that.

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