Rod, VH and more Inside Zach’s iPod

music musings, beaverdamusa.comWell, after a week in which we had mid-60’s temperature and snow within 36 hours, it is time to escape into the recesses of my mind.  Yep – it is time for Inside Zach’s iPod (Vol 2).  My iPod currently holds 3,994 songs ranging from easy listening to country to hard rock and I love hitting random shuffle on it.  To refresh your memory of how the game is played:

  • iPod is set to shuffle.
  • I will write about the first five songs that play.
  • I am not allowed to skip a song, unless it was previously included in a previous blog or is a repeat.

So you aren’t waiting any longer than you have to, here we go:

  • I’m O.K. (Styx) – this is from the Pieces of Eight album.  Pretty much a deep cut from that classic album.  Ironic that this comes on, considering I just say Styx with the Nashville Symphony.  Sadly, the first copy I had of this song was on the trusty 8-track.
  • Pleasure Dome (Van Halen) – a classic cut from the Unlawful Carnal Knowledge album.  Love the way this songs takes off after the short guitar intro.  Alex Van Halen beats the hell out of the skins on this one.  I remember seeing this tour – Alex did a drum solo right after and I was thinking what a beast he was to do that after this rocking song.  This also falls into the classification of a good “windows down, jams up” song.
  • Big Life (Night Ranger) – title song from the Big Life album.  Typical Night Ranger song with vocal harmonies and an anthem feel.  This song takes me back several years ago when I used to travel a lot for business.  Back then, we didn’t have iPods.  We had the trusty Walkman which played cassettes and had a radio.  The only problem with it – you chose your cassette and had to stick with it for the flight unless you wanted to try and keep up with multiple cassettes as you sat like sardines.  Well, I got real acquainted with this album one day on a flight from Seattle to Atlanta.  Probably cycled through it about three or four times.
  • I Don’t Want to Talk About It (Rod Stewart) – From an album entitled “If We Fall in Love Tonight”. Basically, it is a collection of love songs sung by Rod Stewart.  This was a Valentine’s present to my wife a few years ago and I downloaded it to the iPod. A great belly-rubbin’ (redneck for slow dancing) song.
  • In God’s Shadow (John Waite) – from the obscure Temple Bar album.  I have been a John Waite fan since his days with the Babys.  Waite has had a very durable career – from his solo stuff to Bad English; he doesn’t disappoint in my book. Having seen him a couple of times live hasn’t diminished my respect for him.  A great entertainer and this song has always been catchy to me.  This also falls into the aforementioned windows down classification.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this segment into the scary recesses of my mind.  Until next time, I will be lost in my iPod.


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Zach Clayton started Music Musings in 2013, but isn’t a stranger to music. While he may be a mild mannered accountant by day, he always has tunes going and forces his staff at work to play music trivia when they enter his office. He is a self-proclaimed lover of all music genres with over 3,500 songs in his iPod. Zach’s first concert was Eddie Money in Vanderbilt’s Memorial Gym in 1979 and claims to have seen Van Halen (all three incarnations) over 25 times. There have only been one or two years since 1979 that Zach hasn’t been to a concert. He also has the uncanny knack of getting to know several folks in the music scene – both out front and behind the scenes. Zach is in the process of indoctrinating his two boys into the rock and roll way by exposing them to concerts and various music while holding them hostage in his truck screaming the mantra – “rap is crap!”

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