On the Road with Sarah Peacock

Sarah Peacock is going places.

In the literal sense, she’s touring thousands of miles behind her new album, Albuquerque Sky. Figuratively, her new release represents significant growth as an artist since her first album hit stores in 2009.

Sarah stopped by to chat with us a few days ago, and we immediately knew the artistic metamorphosis is what makes her most proud.Sarah Peacock beaverdamusa.com

“I wouldn’t diminish the effort I put into the first record (Straight For Your Heart),” she said. “But I was young and most of the songs I wrote were even written 4 or 5 years before it came out when I was 18. I’m 30 now. That’s a lot of time to grow and a lot of time for life to marinate.”

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The Lawrenceville, Georgia, native said with Albuquerque Sky she wanted to “produce a more relatable product. I wanted to do something people can sink their teeth into in terms of substance. I got some real depth out of these new songs, and lyrically speaking, I feel real good about that depth.”

Noting Albuquerque Sky’s country feel, Sarah said, “I think it’s a real rootsy album. It definitely has a freshness to it,” she said. “It’s very healing oriented. Lyrically, it’s very honest. I really came into myself as an artist, and I found myself as a person; and therefore I was able to do real songs about real life, pain, hurt and healing. It is a real representation of my growth.”

Sarah wrote and produced the 14-song album, which isn’t too unusual. What is unusual, however, is the way she did it. Instead of taking time away from touring, she recorded on the road. “I produced the entire thing myself. I did it over the course of 75,000 miles of driving across 46 states. I recorded and produced in various studios, houses, cars and airplanes over that timeframe.”

However, she called the process “real involved and difficult. It was an exhausting way to make it. I’m not sure if I would do it that way again.”

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Though she’s a trained vocalist with a degree from Belmont University in Nashville, Sarah has pretty good guitar chops as well. “I played all the acoustic guitar tracks and sang the background vocals. I hired musicians to record all the other parts for me. We just took some time and did marathon recording sessions.” A drummer in Nashville recorded the percussion; and, she had it mastered in Music City as well.

Sarah Peacock beaverdamusa.comSarah’s musical taste is, well, schizophrenic. She lists classic rockers Led Zeppelin and Heart among her influences. (“Ann Wilson is still the real deal, even at 63.”) But she also takes influence from current country radio standouts such as Brad Paisley, Keith Urban and Martina McBride. Then there are Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Lucinda Williams, ‘80s and ‘90s pop, David Alan Coe and Mozart, to name a few.

“I was a late bloomer with music,” she confesses. “I was very restricted in my listening allowance growing up. All I listened to was Amy Grant and church music. Then my eyes were opened in high school and college when I got exposed to top 40 stuff.”

And now we’re exposing you to Sarah Peacock. You’re welcome in advance.

NOTE: In a couple of days, we’ll talk to Sarah about what this year holds. She’ll tell us why she wrote “Hurricane” in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Plus, we’ll dissect Albuquerque Sky song-by-song. In the meantime, keep up with Sarah here:

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