Savannah Conley & ‘Journey’: Bells & Tails on Friday the 13th

musings 250_edited-1I went to 3rd & Lindsley in Nashville on Friday the 13th expecting bells, and I ended up with tails. Bet that got your attention!

My oldest son’s close friend and classmate, Savannah Conley has been writing and singing for several years. She released her first full length CD “Bells” last year and has performed at several local clubs locally and out of town. This was to be the first time that I was able to see Savannah. Her previous shows were during the week and started after 8:00.

Savannah Conley on Facebook

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Savannah Conley plays Nashville’s 3rd and Lindsley. (Photo: Zach Clayton)

I was excited to finally get to see Savannah live and she didn’t disappoint! Her music is probably best described as bluesy or jazzy. Based on her live performance, ProTools or AutoTune wasn’t used on her CD (check the FB page for ordering information). The girl has some pipes and isn’t afraid to use them. Go give her a listen and look for her. You will see her name again – trust me.

The second part of the night was a pleasant surprise. Being a tribute band virgin, I really was skeptical about the second act – Journey Resurrection. They bill themselves as a Journey tribute band. Ironically, Journey’s current lead singer was discovered singing in a tribute band. Check out my previous blog concerning the “new” Journey from a couple of years ago here.

This band seriously loves Journey! They had a Steve Perry sing-a-like and Jonathon Cain play-a-like contest before the show. They even included a “name that Journey song” contest via Facebook. I must say that musically, they sounded as close to the real thing as you can get. Journey has this effect which I call the “wall of sound”. Pretty hard to reproduce but these guys did it. The lead singer really wanted to believe he was Steve Perry (no, he didn’t hide!). His hair or a very good wig was long and straight. He even went as far as wearing the official Steve Perry uniform from the Escape tour – blue jeans, black & yellow shirt, and the mandatory black tux coat with tails.

Journey Resurrection on Facebook

journey resurrection, zach clayton,

Journey Resurrection. (Photo: Zach Clayton)

If you are a child of the 80’s, you probably had Journey’s Escape in your car – maybe even on an 8-track. This album spawned the monster hits “Don’t Stop Believin’” and the belly-rubbin’ favorite for any high schooler at the time – “Open Arms”. These guys played the big Steve Perry-era hits including the deep cuts of “Mother Father” & “Escape”.

I looked around and suddenly there were people crowded up close to the stage. The band actually cleared an area of tables and had the metal barriers erected just like the front of an arena stage. I sat there and let my imagination take me back to high school when I first saw Journey on the Escape tour with Loverboy as the opening act. The ticket was $10. Probably, the best value ever! As I watched Journey Resurrection, I realized these guys were having fun! Almost as much fun as the guy down front who I theorized really believed he was seeing Journey.

Bottom line – I got to peek into the future and see an up & coming artist in Savannah and then relive the past as I saw a band from my teenage years recreated on the stage. It was a great evening that was far from unlucky.

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