Snoopy and Woodstock?

barks between beagles, beaverdamusa.comNote: Barks Between Beagles has resumed publishing on Tuesday again. Turns out they aren’t Monday dogs. Who knew?

“What are you doing?”

“Trying to climb on top of our house.”


“I’m going to pretend I am a World War I fighter pilot and I am going to shoot down the Red Baron.”

“And I suppose you have goggles.”


“And, a scarf.”


“And, a cap.”

“Roger that.”

“Don’t you think you’re a little old to pretend you’re Snoopy pretending to be a World War I fighter pilot.”

“You’re as young as you feel. Now give me a boost to help me get on top of this house.”

“My stars, you’re heavy.”

“Shut up. Now hand me my goggles and prepare to see me make aviation history.”

“Oh, for the love of –”

“Spin the propeller, sister! And… Take off.”

“How’s the weather up there?”

“rowrrrrrrr… rowrrrrrr…”

“What’s that?”

“That’s the sound my engine makes.”


“And, that would be your gun.”

“Got him! Now, I’m coming in for a landing.”

“That actually looked fun. Let me try.”

“I was expecting you to say that, so I got you your own costume.”

“You mean I get to be a World War I fighter pilot, too?”

“Nope. You get to be Woodstock.”

“Are you kidding– Yellow! Feathers!”

“Put it on!”




“Oh, I get it. You’re talking like Woodstock.”


“How long is this going to go on?”



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Ginger and MaryAnn are two sister-beagles of a certain age who blog each Tuesday about their life. Mostly, they eat, sleep and blog. Occasionally, they're tormented by MacGyver, a good-for-nothing alley cat. They're dogs, after all, so their attention spans are...

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