Sports are Changing, but for the Better?

barry currin, stories of a world gone mad, beaverdamusa.comSports are changing.

My favorite NFL team held a fashion show last week, and I am not tremendously thrilled about it.

I had been hearing about the Tennessee Titans’ uniform reveal party for weeks now. The stage was set for a big block party on Broadway in Nashville, complete with appearances by current and former players, new coach Mike Vrabel, Titans owner Amy Adams Strunk, and others.

Some of the Titans players modeled the new uniforms.

Since it’s Nashville, naturally, attendees were treated to a concert both before and after the event. Fireworks capped off the night.

One estimate I saw said nearly 100,000 people attended.

That’s 30,000 more people than the team’s average attendance for a game in 2017, just so you’ll know.

I like a party as much as the next guy, but come on, let’s have some good-natured fun with this.

Here are a few more things I would like to see the Titans reveal this season.

How about they reveal 11 players jumping up and down in the end zone after a touchdown five or six times a game.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a scoreboard reveal that says Titans 84, New England 0.

How about revealing a picture of Vrabel and Strunk hoisting the Lombardi Trophy during a shower of confetti after the Super Bowl.

I truly believe the Titans should look a few blocks up the street and see what their sister team has done in hockey. The Predators — who are a favorite to win this year’s Stanley Cup playoffs — turn Nashville into a hockey-frenzied town season after season.

And I’m pretty sure they accomplish that by what they do during games, not on the catwalk.

I’m old school when it comes to sports, and some of the things that capture our attention these days befuddle me.

One of the biggest stories out of Knoxville this spring has been new UT coach Jeremy Pruitt announcing that the team won’t be wearing the smokey gray uniforms this fall.

Although Pruitt’s honeymoon hasn’t even started yet, he did rankle a few fashion — I mean football fans — with this decision.

Another big announcement out of spring camp in Knoxville this year is Pruitt taking away music from loudspeakers during practice.

You won’t find it hard to believe that Butch Jones is the one who started musical practices.

Pruitt said, “I don’t think they play music during football games. I’ve never heard it. I like to coach, and I like for the people to be able to hear me when I do coach.”

The nerve of that guy.

Last week, East Tennessee State University head coach Randy Sanders was suspended because he slapped a player’s helmet during practice. When he was reinstated, he was issued a letter of reprimand and lost a week’s pay.

While I don’t condone violence, I thought that was a bit much.

I participated in a few sports back in the day and I’ve seen coaches slap helmets, twist face masks, kick players in the rump and more.

Our seventh grade basketball coach paddled us during practice one day for missing free throws.

I wonder what he would’ve done if we would’ve suggested playing music during practice?

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