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SEC Football Predictions via "SEC Pigskin Picks"

Every week during football season, Coach Billy Jack Hoover, Chely Sizemore and Professor Thorndike Sinclair bring you “SEC Pigskin Picks” The crew gives SEC football predictions on all games involving SEC teams. Plus, Chely always reports from the Slobber Knocker Game of the Week. The crew is… well, crazy, for lack of a better term. But they’re dead serious about football.

Listen to SEC Pigskin Picks every Thursday night during football season at 6 p.m. Eastern / 5 p.m. Central on The Sports Drive on 101.3 The Buzz.

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2014 Season Episodes:

Week 14 “Professor’s Act of Kindness” Featured Game Arkansas and Missouri

Week 13 “Coach the Electrician” Featured game Tennessee and Missouri

Week 12: “Godzilla” Featured game, Alabama and Mississippi State

Week 11: “Chely’s Massage” Featured game, Alabama and LSU.

Week 10: “Halloween Mix-up: The Cottonwood Curse” Featured game, Ole Miss and Auburn

Week 9: “The Girls” Featured game, Ole Miss at LSU

Week 8: “Chely goes to Jail” Featured game, Texas A&M and Alabama

Week 7: “Miss Mississippi” Featured game, Mississippi State and Auburn, original air date, 10/9/14

Week 6: “Chely Joins the Vol Navy” Featured game, Tennessee at Florida, original air date 10/2/14

Week 5: “Coach Never Cries” Featured game, Tennessee at Georgia, original air date 9/25/14

Week 4: “Coach Wins the Lottery” Featured game, Florida at Alabama, original air date 9/18/14

 Week 3: “Chely’s Tattoo” Featured game, Georgia and South Carolina, original air date 9/11/14

Week 2: “Chely on Stage” Featured game, Vandy and Ole Miss, original air date 9/4/14

Week 1: “Livin’ Large” Featured game, Georgia vs. Clemson, original air date 8/28/14

2013 Season Episodes:

Week 14 (SEC Pigskin Picks November 30) How does the Picks Crew butcher a turkey? You’ll never guess. This final regular season episode features the Iron Bowl as the Slobber Knocker Game of the Week.

Week 13 (SEC Pigskin Picks November 23) Coach learns what a Chanticleer is, courtesy of the Professor. Meanwhile, Chely gives three Outlaw bikers a ride into Baton Rouge. Featured games: Tennessee-Vandy and Texas A&M-LSU.

Week 12 (SEC Pigskin Picks November 16) We learn that Coach Billy Jack is just a little afraid of the dark, and Chely makes him pay dearly. Featured games Kentucky-Vanderbilt and Auburn-Georgia.

Week 11 (SEC Pigskin Picks November 9) Coach finds out he is related to Hemingway, sort of. Meanwhile, Chely takes Les and Nick up in her airplane. What could go wrong? Featured games: Alabama-LSU and Arkansas-Ole Miss.

Week 10 (SEC Pigskin Picks November 2) In a special Halloween episode, Coach is the victim of pranksters. Featured games: Mississippi State-South Carolina and Florida-Georgia.

Week 9 (SEC Pigskin Picks October 26) Coach finds out that “American Pickers” is not a football picking show. Meanwhile, Chely has an adventure behind a chicken truck like only she can. Featured games: Kentucky-Mississippi State and Tennessee-Alabama.

Week 8 (SEC Pigskin Picks October 19) We learn that coach is a disaster at doing laundry. Meanwhile, Chely wins the lottery, and you won’t believe what she does with her money. Featured games: Missouri-Florida and Texas A&M-Auburn

Week 7 (SEC Pigskin Picks October 12) Coach laments the loss of his 8-track player while Chely employs a “unique” way to keep from being recognized by a mob of adoring fans. Featured Games: Georgia-Mizzou and Florida-LSU.

Week 6 (SEC Pigskin Picks October 5)  Coach makes the mistake of trying to get a plain cup of coffee at a coffee shop. Meanwhile, Chely Sizemore gets locked in a department show and spends 2 nights checking out the merchandise. Featured games: Ole Miss vs. Auburn, Tennessee vs. Georgia

Week 5 SEC Pigskin Picks (September 28) Thinking that the opposite of ineptitude is “eptitude,” coach comes up with a test to see if professor is ept. Any guesses as to what he calls it? Meanwhile, Chely is forced to babysit against her wishes. She’s not very good at it. Featured games: Texas A&M at Arkansas, and LSU at Georgia.

Week 4 SEC Pigskin Picks (September 21) Coach gets a call from the retirement community after his mother gets ornery again. Meanwhile, Chely has an interesting way of getting change for her $5 bill. Featured games: LSU-Auburn and Tennessee-Florida.

Week 3 SEC Pigskin Picks (September 14) Coach and Professor Sinclair talk about the good old days when getting your yard mowed didn’t involve hiring a landscaping crew of 6 commandos deploying from a 40-foot trailer. Meanwhile, Chely gets in hot water at a Waffle House in Jackson, Mississippi.

Week 2 SEC Pigskin Picks 2013 (September 7) Coach overdoes it while running bleachers to atone for the crew’s horrible Week 1. Meanwhile, Chely gets stuck in a bathroom with Helga, a truck driver.

Week 1 SEC Pigskin Picks 2013 (August 31) Coach shows Professor pictures from his vacation while Chely has a run-in with the law on her way to the Alabama vs. Virginia Tech game.

Archived broadcasts:

Week 12 Coach Billy Jack teaches Professor Sinclair about accountability. Meanwhile, Chely Sizemore runs into an old friend, Taylor Swift, in Nashville.

Week 11 Professor Sinclair analyzes Coach’s depression. And Chely parties it up with a couple of high-class Vandy fans on the way to the Slobber Knocker Game of the Week.

Week 10 Coach and Professor lament their paltry salaries for doing the show. But the real bad news is that Coach sent Chely to College Station for the A&M game. Trouble is, the game wasn’t in College Station.

Week 9 Professor and Coach are convinced that Steve Spurrier terrorizes them by throwing a visor through the Beaver Dam window. And Chely ends up hopping a boxcar with a hobo named Bobby on her way to the Slobber Knocker Game of the Week.

Week 8 Coach Billy Jack starts talking uppity after he gets a thesaurus. Meanwhile, Chely has trouble with a pay phone operator after she loses her cell phone.

Week 7 Professor and Coach talk about the old Green Acres show to take their mind off of going 4-2 the week before. In Baton Rouge, Chely loses a contact lense and meets LSU Coach Les Miles, or does she. And don’t even ask for the recipe for Partisan Brown Green Soup.

Week 6 Coach Billy Jack unveils his new announcer voice. On the way to the Slobber Knocker Game of the Week, Chely Sizemore shows a trucker how to change a flat tire.

Week 5 After Rutgers beats Arkansas, Professor Sinclair introduces Coach to Snooki. Coach says she looks like an Oompa Loompa. In Athens, Georgia, Chely has an incident at The Varsity with an injured squirrel she rescued.

Week 4 Coach is livid because of their 8-4 performance the week before. He blames the Knoxville Police Department for the Vols loss to Florida. In Columbia, SC, Chely gets locked in her hotel room while the TV is stuck on a Mexican soap opera.

Week 3 Professor and Coach give Vanderbilt a hard time for losing to Northwestern while Chely Sizemore gets sidetracked on her way to Knoxville after she sees Kenny Chesney’s tour bus. The good news is, she sure does know how to talk her way out of a ticket.

Week 2 Coach Billy Jack voices his displeasure for Slacker Games. Meanwhile, Chely grabs the wrong bag off of the plane and ends up having to wear a double-breasted suit to the game.

Week 1 Chely broadcasts from Cowboy Stadium where Alabama played Michigan in the Slobber Knocker of the Week.

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