Musing on the Grammys

music musings, beaverdamusa.comWell, the 58th Grammys were on the other night.  Like I did with the CMA Awards a few months ago, I thought I would make notes as I watched the show and include them in this musing.

Taylor – music too loud – does her outfit run on AA or AAA battery?

Loved the comment that LL Cool J made referencing Lionel Richie and Adele.

Best Rap album award – Winner was “To Pimp A Butterfly.”  Really? By the way, where the hell is Compton?

Carrie Underwood and Sam Hunt duet – Good Lord, Carrie is wearing toilet paper.  Why do I have to put up with him to watch, errrr, listen to Carrie?

The Weekend – He can’t feel his face because of that thing on his head – looks like a black Jimmy Neutron.

Loved Lt. Dan’s (Gary Sinise) shout out to the military.

Best Country album – Chris Stapleton – momentum continues.

Lionel Richie tribute and Music Cares award – Always have loved Lionel (shhhh).  John Legend did a great job on Easy.  Should have had Adele sing Hello.  Luke Bryan singing Lionel is like me trying to sing soul.  Don’t try it.  Megan Trainor got a shout out from the dear wife – “she needs a bra”.

Girl Crush by Little Big Town – the strings were nice touch.

Song of the Year – Sadly, I only knew one of the five nominees. Great Braille joke by Stevie.

The Eagles tribute – Nice touch having Jackson Browne sing in Glen Frey’s place considering their history.  Was good to see Bernie Leadon there with them.  Don Felder took to Twitter the next day to complain that he wasn’t invited.  Based on history of The Eagles, if Felder had played, Frey would have shown up and kicked his butt.  Damn allergies were acting up during the song.

Pimp A Butterfly Dude – I’m too old to understand what he is saying. Seemed angry.

Best Rock – I knew two of the five – Most were not rock to me.  Don’t like Alabama Shakes because they have Alabama in their name. Must have been the first Amish guy to win a Grammy.

Adele – yes, the mic fell into the piano and landed on a string.  You would think the engineer could have pulled that out of the mix.  Not an Adele fan, but I felt sorry for her.

Justin Bieber – Trying to pull the tough boy look while singing “my mama don’t like you” really doesn’t work.

Lady Gaga with the David Bowie tribute.  Not a Lady G or Bowie fan, but that was probably the best performance of the night.  She did a great job with costumes, makeup, and songs.

BB King tribute – pretty cool.  Bonnie Raitt proved that she can still play.

Hollywood Vampires – Joe Perry, Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp – loved it. Pretty brave for Depp to get up there and play with Perry.

In memoriam segment – Dang, there was a lot of talent lost in 2015.  Lots of them were young.

Album of year – Glad to see Taylor Swift win. Nice dig on Kayne.  It was also cool to see her be genuinely excited for other winning artists in the categories where she didn’t win.

Closing number – they said it was going to be Taxi.  That’s not Harry’s Chapin’s song that Pitbull and Robin Thicke are singing.  Time for bed.

Even if I didn’t know or like a lot of the songs/artists on the Grammy’s, it exposed me to some different music.  Didn’t like most of it, but at least I was exposed to it.

As always, thanks for reading.


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