Like the Proverbial Kid in a Candy Store

music musings, beaverdamusa.comWhatever metaphor you want to use – drunk in a bar, pig in slop, etc. – that has been me for the last couple of months.  At my age, what would do that to me?  Two words – Apple Music.

First, I must let you know that Apple is not sponsoring this column nor have I received any product placement fees.  For the longest, I was deadest against anything Apple – didn’t have an iPhone, iPod, or an Apple computer.  For those that know me – that isn’t hard to believe.  Through the years, I have tended to go against the grain when it comes to whatever the mainstream is doing.  For example, I have never seen Gone with the Wind, It’s A Wonderful Life, or Titanic.  I’ve never listened to Thriller, any Adele album, or ever purchased a Whitney Houston album.  So I was clutching my CDs and Android phone for as long as possible, but something made me break.  I think it was just being tired of swimming upstream.  The first step was to buy an iPod and synch my CD collection to it.  While I was using the technology, I still liked the feel of buying an album or CD and reading the liner notes.  Occasionally, I would go to iTunes and purchase a single song that I wanted and eventually started buying albums.  The Android phone gave way to the iPhone and I guess you could say I was drinking the Kool-Aid (Google Jim Jones, if you are under 40).

Slowly, but surely, I was sucked into the Apple world and eventually signed up for iTunes Match which basically stored my entire music library on the Cloud for a mere $29.99 a year.  All my music was available to me anytime I had a Wi-Fi connection.  Loved it!  But wait, what is that shiny object off in the distance.  It is glowing like the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow- Apple Music.

Apple Music is the candy store and I am the kid who stumbled in with unlimited access.  If you haven’t heard about it, you basically pay a flat amount each month for virtually unlimited music downloads, in addition, to a streaming radio feature.  The accountant in me quickly calculated that if the Clayton household downloaded two albums a month, it would pay for itself.  What a deal.

In a manner similar to the way I approach a Chinese buffet, I must get my money’s worth!  Realize before Apple Music, I had approximately 7,000 songs in my library – now, the total is approaching 10,000.  Without even trying new music, I have definitely made them pay, like Mr. Wu at the buffet.  Oh, Night Ranger has a live acoustic album – it’s mine.  My choir director has albums on iTunes – BOOM!  Three albums added to my music and ready for a listen.  Need to listen to the old Al Jarreau song After All?  Go add his Greatest Hits to the library.

I realize I need structure around this for my sanity and perhaps for the Musing.  Maybe I can review a new album every so often or reminisce about an old one I discovered. I will tell you that when you go back and listen to old albums, it is odd how you start remembering the deep cuts on those albums and can pretty much sing right along – now, did I remember to put the garbage out today? Nope, but I can sing along with Lady of the 80’s on Loverboy’s debut album.

Like I said earlier, this isn’t an advertisement, but merely a music junkie finding another way to snag music.  Now, I wonder if After The Fire’s album is on Apple Music……

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