The Basement Sessions: All Your Days & Nights

erica bryan, behind the mic, beaverdamusa.comThis week I’m pulling out another Basement Sessions song we recorded. This song is called, “All Your Days and Nights.” I wrote this song about 2 years ago with a writer named Andrew Rollins. Andrew has had a lot of recent success with writing songs for the TV show “Nashville,” and one of his songs from the show was Number 1 on iTunes for a while! 

Before the write started, I was talking to Andrew about how I can only write at night because of my day job, and Andrew said, “Well then I want all your nights!” We both looked at each other and nodded in agreement that that was a great song title! So, we started writing the song. Another songwriter named Steve Pasch popped his head in the room and said, “You all need to say something about ‘days’ in there.” (Songwriters are very into opposites in songwriting–if you have “nights” you have to have “days,” if you have “first” you have to have “last,” etc.) So thanks to Steve, we had our hook! We built the song around the line, “I don’t want much from you, just all your days and nights.” 

The song is about a love that is fading and the singer wants her love to give her everything he’s got. She wants the passion back in the relationship and wants to go back to when the love seemed new and exciting.  

This song definitely hits home for me (well, I hope so, I wrote it!). I remember being in a relationship that was fading and years seemed to go on where it wasn’t new and exciting. Every time I sing this song, I try to go back to how I felt during that relationship. (Video is below lyrics)

Here are the lyrics: 

You don’t look at me the same. 
There’s no spark, we’ve lost the flame.
Your hand feels different in mine.
Has this love run out of time?

It never used to be so damn hard. 
How could someone be so close but seem so far?

I don’t want us to be something we don’t believe.
A temporary kind of love that leaves us incomplete.
I want to feel that fire, that passion and desire,
That only the two of us can make right. 
I won’t want much from you
Just all your days and nights. 

You used to send me flowers.
We could talk in bed for hours. 
Now it’s just silence in my ear.
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