An Unlikely Place to ‘Bond in the Cub Faith’, mark grissom, chicago cubsYou have to say one thing about “true, die-hard” Cub fans. We are some of the most loyal fans in the whole world.

There is a bond between Cub fans that cannot ever be broken.

Now…I am not talking about “fair weather” fans who show up at Wrigley Field on occasion. The kind that when the Cubs start winning they get on the “bandwagon” and start shouting them on.

I am not talking about the kind who say they are for the Cubs and the Sox. That is B.S.! (My apologies to the editor of my blog…but I had to use those initials!)

You CANNOT be a Cubs fan and a Sox fan! You either love the Cubs and hate the Sox…or vice versa.  And if you do love the Sox…then please stop reading my blog and unfriend me on Facebook as well! Thank you!

I am not talking about those kinds of fans. Only real Cub fans that have stuck with them in good times and bad.

And there have been a whole heck of bad!

I was working at the funeral home today. Grissom Funeral Home in Cleveland, Tennessee, that is. I meant a really nice lady and her daughter. They came in to talk about a funeral and I noticed an accent that was not from East Tennessee.

I asked where they were from and they told me Maine.

Well, that did not mean much to me. I have no friends from Maine. I think all “Mainers” are just a little bit weird, myself.

But when I told them I was from Chicago, the next thing that happened was glorious!

The lady’s daughter smiled and told me her husband was from Chicago.

My next question…”Is he a Cubs fan or Sox fan?”

She smiled even bigger this time and responded…”CUBS!”

Who's that next to Mark Grissom? Oh, yeah, Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts

Who’s that next to Mark Grissom? Oh, yeah, Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts.

I clinched my fist in the air as if to say “Victory and Praise the Lord” all at the same time!

We began a dialogue of “Cub Talk”. If you are not a Cubs fan, you would not understand such a discussion.

Her husband was just a couple years younger than I am. I started naming players that were with the Cubs when I was just a kid. She knew every one of them.

I named the announcer for the Cubs on WGN Radio and WGN Television when I was a kid. She knew them also.

It was official…we had “Bonded in the Cub Faith”!

She proceeded to tell me that her husband even had a Cubs Mascot tattoo on his left arm.

By this time, I actually felt goose bumps up and down my spine and I knew God in Heaven sent this lady my way today to bring some joy into my life!

I apologize, right here, to all my friends who are Atlanta Braves fans. But to be very honest with you…I really get sick of hearing about the Braves all the time.

I know…I know! I live in “Braves Country” and I need to suck it up. However, to get the opportunity to meet and talk to fellow Cub fans is an experience I cherish!

I have thought about these great people all day. We exchanged phone numbers and I texted her a couple pictures that I had from Wrigley. One of which is myself with the owner of the Cubs, Tom Ricketts.

That was made two years ago at Wrigley Field. I printed it out, mailed it to his office in Chicago, he autographed it for me and mailed it back. It is hanging in my bedroom.

My Bible, my United Methodist Hymnal and my picture of Cubs owner, Tom Ricketts, and myself will remain with me until I leave this world.

I may be 90 years old one day and possibly residing at Signature Healthcare Center in Cleveland. For those who enter my room to visit me, as few as they may be, those three items will be by my bedside.

Now to go look into getting my Cubs mascot tattoo on my arm. “Bucket list!”

God Bless all the Cub fans!!

Until next time….

Look Out Lottery… Here I Come

Buying a Mega Millions Ticket
Is Nonsense, Or Is It?

Loving the Cubs... and other problems I have Mark Grissom beaverdamusa.comThere has been an awful lot of “hype” this past week about the Mega Millions Lottery.

Everywhere you turn, folks are talking about winning the “big money.” Television, radio, newspaper… that is all you hear! Everybody wants to run out and buy a lottery ticket and then say a big prayer that they are the lucky winner and go home with about a 350 million pre-tax payout.

By the time you read this blog, one of two things will have happened. After Tuesday night’s big drawing, somebody or somebodies will have won, or nobody will have won and the winnings will increase and the craze will continue until this coming Friday night.

Let us get something very clear. In my personal opinion, buying a lottery ticket is nonsense. Especially in this particular situation when the odds are nowhere near possible for you to win.

They say the chance of winning is less than being struck by lightning in the same place 5 times. They also say the chance of winning the lottery is less than a Professional Golfer making a hole in one on the same hole 3 times in a row.

So why would anyone go out and spend $5.00, $10.00, $20.00 or $100.00 or even more and take those kind of chances?

Let me tell you why!

It is the very same reason why thousands and myself more still pull for the Chicago Cubs to win the World Series. It is called…”Dreaming” baby!!

To understand the mind, and reasoning, of a Cubs fan…you must first understand that we love to dream. We have been dreaming our whole lives! Dreaming about the day when we win the Division Series, the National League Championship and the World Series!

You can believe what I am about to tell you, or not…I don’t care. But I am telling you the truth. I have actually dreamed about standing on Addison Street in Chicago, Illinois, in the cold winter month of October and screaming and shouting with other life-long Cub fans right after we made the third out in the top of the 9th and won the World Series of Major League Baseball!

Unfortunately, I am not sure that dream will ever come true. But I will ALWAYS have hope and faith in my heart that one day… that possibility could still happen!

I expect, if nobody wins this weeks Mega Lotto, they will tell you the chance of winning the lottery is less than the Cubs winning the World Series. That is the next set of odds coming up. I am sure of this.

However, for those of us who love to dream and dream big, we will continue to love and support the Cubbies, and we will continue to long for the day when we stand shoulder to shoulder on Addison Street and hold hands and sing to the top of our voices… “Go Cubs Go…Go Cubs Go…Hey Chicago What Do You Say…. The Cubs Are Gonna Win Today!!” (That is the song played at Wrigley after every home win)

Oh ya, one more thing.  I just came back from purchasing 20 dollars worth of quick picks for tonight’s big lottery.  Hey… I told you… I am a DREAMER BABY!!

Until Next Week…


Even the Cubs Will Get Their “Auburn Second”

Loving the Cubs... and other problems I have Mark Grissom beaverdamusa.comDedicated to the greatest Auburn fan I have ever known, my cousin.
Gary Grissom
1961  - 1998

Saturday night, November 30, 2013, will be a night that every Auburn fan will remember the rest of their lives.  With one second left on the clock…(thanks to Coach Saban arguing with the ref)…. Alabama missed a field goal short and the Auburn receiver ran the ball back over 100 yards to win the Iron Bowl and defeat Alabama!

I was sitting in my living room of my apartment. I had watched most of the game and I was focused in on the last half. The score was pretty close. Who ever thought the score would be close toward the end of the game? Answer…nobody!

Everyone, including Auburn fans, thought Alabama was going to win. After all, they were undefeated for the season. They were the National Champions from last year. They had a quarterback that was supposed to have been the next Heisman Trophy winner. The stars were all in line that Alabama was going to win the Iron Bowl.

Except for one thing… my cousin, Gary Grissom, was up in Heaven cheering on the Auburn Tigers and screaming “WAR EAGLE” with all his might!

Do I know this for a fact…no. Is that what I choose to believe…YES!

Gary was a huge Auburn fan. His legacy remains on in his beautiful daughter, Brooke Grissom, and all the rest of his family. They were all pulling for Auburn last Saturday night.

The Grissoms are all from Alabama. We are a “house divided” when it comes to Auburn vs. Alabama. Well…. most of the Grissoms are Auburn fans, except for the few in the Martin clan that broke off from the rest of us years ago when my cousin married that dude. Some guy with a weird name like Sherrill or something like that!

But last Saturday night…. for just a brief moment in history… the Grissom Auburn fans had our biggest cheerleader and supporter, Gary Grissom, in Heaven…pulling us through to V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!!!

There is another group of fans that can relate to that game and to that incredible win…Chicago Cubs’ fans!

Why is that? Because we have been the underdogs for many, many years! A little over 100 years.

Die hard, life long, Cubs fans…like myself…who have either been sitting in front of our televisions, listening to WGN Radio or sitting inside the friendly confines of Wrigley Field, praying…. hoping…wishing…for that one second that our team pulls through and takes us to a World Series Championship.

For all of us who have suffered for so many years. For all of us who have heard our dads say over and over….”We will get em’ next year, son”… For all of us who left Wrigley Field with our heads hanging down and our ball gloves in one hand and our programs in the other.

For all of us…there WILL be a day we have that “Auburn second” on the clock!  For all of us…. there WILL be a day my cousin, Gary in Heaven, will give out a huge…”GO CUBS” shout!  For all of us…there WILL be a day when my beloved mother, God rest her soul, will look over at the Heavenly Father and say…”Why not, Lord, just this one time…. for my baby boy!”

The Curse of Cubbie Nation

Surviving Scorn as a Cubs Fan
And Living to Tell About It

Loving the Cubs... and other problems I have Mark Grissom beaverdamusa.comGreetings! Thank you for checking in on my very first blog for That is enough for the welcome!

I am drinking a cup of decaf coffee and contemplating what I would like to write about. I drink coffee out of a Styrofoam cup. That’s just the way I roll. Get used to it!

I have problems. We all have problems. Some are big. Some are small. Either way, I have them….and so do you! One of my major problems is I am a life-long, die hard fan of one of the worst teams in Major League Baseball….the Chicago Cubs.

It is not my fault. I place all the blame on my father. He raised me this way. He had other options. But he chose to raise me a Cubs fan. I was five years old, living in a small town in northern Illinois, when my father took me to my very first Cubs game. I cannot remember what I did wrong to deserve that horrible punishment. I was five! What did I do? Steal a piece of lunchmeat out of the fridge? Break the lead on my big fat #2 pencil from school? Spill milk on the kitchen floor? I was five years old! What did I do that was so wrong to deserve the punishment of having to attend a Cubs game at Wrigley Field?

It was at that point I was hooked. I was born again into a religion called “Cubbie Nation”. It is a faith in which you enter and there is no returning back to normality. You will be scorned, ridiculed, beaten up, made fun of, picked on and laughed at for the rest of your days here on this earth when you are baptized a Cubs Fan!

My father and I would make our pilgrimage from Zion to the north side of Chicago about three or four times during the summer. Dad has his small, handheld AM radio to listen to WGN Radio during the game. I had my Rawlings ball glove in hopes of catching a foul ball. We ate Vienna all beef hot dogs with mustard only. No ketchup! (You never put ketchup on a hot dog if you’re from Chicago).

Programs were 25 cents and a pencil cost 5 cents. I had to have both. I had accumulated several programs throughout the years with signatures of Cubs players on them. One year, while cleaning my bedroom, my mother….”God Rest Her Soul”….threw them away. It took me many years, but I finally found forgiveness in my heart for her doing that. I doubt they would be worth anything today. The Cubs never made it to the World Series. Never! Not in 49 years of my lifetime.

As a matter of fact, the Cubs have ended up in last place in their division every year for most of my life. We had one team worse than us. The Houston Astros. As luck would have it, MLB moved them to the American League two years ago and now we have last place back all to ourselves.

I have much more to say about this subject and many other subjects in future blogs. Stay tuned.

You think you got it bad… least you’re not a Cubs fan!

Until next time!

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