Friends after the breakup?

Chloe writes: “My boyfriend broke up with me two weeks ago after we were together 8 months. We were serious, but things weren’t so great lately and we both knew it was coming. Anyway, now he’s texting me saying he wants to be friends. Should I?”

Thanks for asking for boyfriend advice, Chloe. And the answer is a big fat “No,” girlfriend. You probably have plenty of friends. If you don’t, then get out there and make some. You don’t need an ex muddying the water. Of course if y’all have mutual friends you will need to be nice to each other. Anything less wouldn’t be fair to everyone else involved. You expected it anyway, so if he didn’t do it, you probably would have. Sounds like you both got some relationship experience. Take it and move on.

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Let me be clear here. It’s okay to share the same friends if you were doing that before the romance started. People who are part of a group are acquaintances, they’re not necessarily friends. A friend is someone who comes over when you have the flu and watches “Dirty Dancing” with you. Do me a favor: on Saturday afternoon, text this guy, tell him you have the flu, you feel awful, and ask him if he wants to pick up some ice cream and come watch “Dirty Dancing” with you. And just for good measure, tell him you need him to stop by the feminine hygiene aisle for you while he’s at the store.

Let me know what he says. I’ve got a pretty good idea you’ll be on your way to a speedy recovery.

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