How I Became a Dog Owner

erica bryan, behind the mic, beaverdamusa.comSo…there’s been a new development in my life…you know, besides my EP coming out…or my Pre-sale (ah-em….go order it NOW! pretty please!)……I have decided to get a dog!

Now, those who don’t know me will probably be like “oh, that’s nice!” and then those who do know me will say, “WHAT?! Erica, you’ve never liked dogs!”

So…let me explain. My family never had a dog. The only animals we had were a couple of fish and a cat that died a horrific death only a year after we got her. So the majority of my life we had no animals. The only interactions I really had with dogs were the ones that were always jumping on me or shedding on me and I really didn’t understand why people wanted them.

Now, fast forward to my time in Nashville when I was a poor musician and really needed money: I would house sit or dog sit for anyone! As I started dog sitting, I realized that there were actually dogs that were well behaved and didn’t just constantly jump on me! One dog, June, just followed me everywhere and laid down calmly next to me no matter what I was doing! Another dog, Ginger, would just go outside and play by herself all day and then hang out with me and watch TV! I realized, dogs could actually be enjoyable to be around!

Last year when I stepped away from my office job and started working from home, I started to think: wow, I could really use a companion right now to have fun with! And I thought: maybe I, too, could have a dog that was enjoyable to be around- that doesn’t shed and is trainable! After some research, I came across the goldendoodle! Non-shedding, lovable, playful, trainable- sounds great!!!!

puppy1So, let me introduce you to my new puppy, Luce! [luch-ey]. Luce means light in Italian and Luce is named after the vineyard my husband and I got married at, Montaluce. Right now, Luce is 5 weeks old and I’ll get to take him home at the end of July!

Now, I know I don’t know anything about having a dog- except all the books and podcasts about dog training I’ve been reading and listening to! So, I’m expecting the first couple months to be lots of poop and pee and headaches…but I’m still excited to bring home my new best friend!

And if you’re into this cuteness, you can follow Luce on instagram!

Now….go order the Jericho EP! 

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