It’s October; don’t mess it up

October fall halloween decoration

October can be a beautiful month if we don’t mess it up.

October is my favorite month. October is the month of acceptance. It’s when we come to grips with the reality that summer is gone. It’s the opposite of September — which is the month of denial and anger. During September we mourned for the sudden and unexpected loss of both July and August. September hugs and comforts us. It also shakes us when we think we are going to ignore the falling leaves and hit the pool.

“Yes it’s still hot. But summer is gone,” September says. “We talked on Labor Day, remember? Prepare to rake leaves.”

“But I’m still having to mow the grass!”

September doesn’t care. Tough love.

October, though, is like a fresh start. The air is crisper than it has been in a long time. The sky is bluer. That grass — that somehow still has to be cut — has a different smell. The high school marching band practices in the distance. Candy corn is 99 cents a bag for Heaven’s sake!

But with this crispy new nirvana comes responsibility. We have to resist some urges this time of year.

For starters, decorate responsibly for Halloween. You don’t want the neighbors referring to you as “Halloween Man” all year long. If you can’t carry your Halloween decorations down from the attic in one load, you’re overdoing it. And have you seen that big 20-foot inflatable witch at the big home improvement store? Overkill. I was going to post the link but couldn’t find it online. That’s probably for the best because you do have to see it in person to believe it.

Lots of people pay money for fake spider webs to put all over their shrubs. I am much more interested in getting rid of the ones that occur naturally all year long.

I do encourage you to go buy a pumpkin and carve a jack-o-lantern. But resist the urge to get one of those patterns that lets you carve George Clooney’s face in it. Triangle eyes and nose, jagged mouth and a candle. Then, poof. Classic Halloween. And if you’ve never roasted the pumpkin seeds, I highly recommend it.

And finally… Ladies, don’t dress up like Miley Cyrus for trick-or-treating. Just don’t. If I see one foam finger coming toward the porch, I’m going to turn off the light, lock the door and twerk on to bed. And when I wake up, it will be November — the month that gives us that classic traditional American holiday: Black Friday. Finest Craft Beers from America’s Best Micro Breweries- 728x90 banner