Look at This Wallet Chain; it’s a Log Chain!

wallet chain idiot originalWhat Would Chely Do? by Chely Sizemore @chelysizemore

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Today, I am going to bypass the inbox and talk about something I saw in the checkout line at Target the other day. You know I never find fault with people I see out in public. Okay, well actually that happens all the time. You do too! Come on, admit it.

Anyway, you can see the picture I snapped of this young man and his wallet chain. Take a good look. It’s a log chain — big enough to pull logs. That’s why they call it a log chain. You don’t use a wallet chain to move logs, and you shouldn’t use a log chain to keep you from losing your wallet.

And look at those skater shoes! Vans! Please don’t attach your wallet to a log chain, but if you must, at least wear some biker boots or something.

In closing, I must say, Sorry ladies, he’s taken. And incidently his girlfriend whipped out her wallet instead of him. I guess he didn’t have the strength to lift it!

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