Impulsiveness: Is it a Blessing or a Curse?

barry currin, stories of a world gone mad, beaverdamusa.comI can be a bit impulsive.

I like to make a check mark and move on to the next thing on my to-do list. I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes it causes problems.

I’ve gotten home from the store with clothes that didn’t fit, even though they looked like they would fit when I took them off the rack.

I have mowed hundred of acres of wet grass over the years because I couldn’t wait for it to dry.

I bought a car once after thinking about it only in the time it took me to eat lunch.

It was blue. Need I say more?

If I am ever captured by the enemy and tortured for all my secrets, my captors can forget waterboarding me. All they would have to do is give me a paint brush and some paint, and make me wait there while the first coat dries before letting me put on the second one.

“I’ll tell. I’ll tell. What do you want to know?”

I’m not quite sure why I am this way. I’ve racked my brain trying to make sense of it, and I cannot.

I didn’t learn it at home. My mother was very patient with most situations. In fact, she seemed to take great joy in doing the most tedious tasks like painting fine details or creating a cross-stitch picture one laborious stitch at a time.

“Anything worth doing is worth doing right,” she would always tell me.

I have thought I might be rebelling, but that’s probably not it. I’m too old to rebel and it really never has been my style.

My earliest recollection of my impulsive behavior happened when an uncle gave me a model car when I was probably 8 or 9 years old. In my defense, I was a bit young for the project, but even at that age I should’ve done better than I did.

I simply glued the glass to the unpainted body, attached the seats to the chassis, and glued the tires under the fenders. Then I proceeded to try and paint it with little regard for the parts that weren’t supposed to have paint on them.

When I was finished, I had about 150 parts left over, and the instructions were as good as new.

It was a sad excuse for a model car. If Charlie Brown had a model car, it would’ve looked better than mine.

I went on during my childhood to make lots of model cars, though. And, I got fairly good at it. But, I can guarantee you every single one of them had a thumbprint stuck in the paint somewhere because I just couldn’t wait until it was dry to pick it up.

This personality trait comes in handy sometimes, though.

If we’re ever playing checkers, you will never have to wait long for your turn.

If you ask me to go somewhere, I can be ready from scratch in 13 minutes.

I can carry 17 grocery bags in from the car in one trip.

You know, when you think about it, life is a series of tasks. Some are easy, some are hard, some are fun and some or not. But regardless of the task, we give it a check mark when it’s finished, even if it is only a mental one.

Maybe, just maybe, the quicker I make a check mark and move on to the next task, the better I’m living.

Encore Presentation: Impulsiveness and the Trouble it Causes

Loving the Cubs... and other problems I have Mark Grissom beaverdamusa.comNote: Mark is in Tibet this week touring a Yak farm he is considering buying. In his absence, we are re-running one of his more popular blogs, which originally published on April 23, 2014.

Let me make one thing clear as I begin writing this particular blog. I do not feel good at all! I woke up yesterday morning and my nose was stopped up and my throat was sore and my body ached. I still feel sick. I refuse to go to the doctor. So I guess I will just have to tough this out and let it run its course.

Your sympathy is deeply appreciated. And now…on to the blog.

I am a person of impulse.

I am the one at the grocery store that buys things he never went in there for to start with. I walk down the aisle and see things that look good and I grab one or two and throw them in my basket. I would be better off making a list of items I need before I go.

I go and buy a new vehicle on my first trip to the car dealership, instead of taking my time and looking around at all my options and getting the best deal I can.

I went to Scott’s Furniture Store last week to get a television stand for my new townhouse. By the time I left, I had purchased a TV stand, a leather recliner, a desk and an area rug. All in the matter of 15 to 20 minutes.

I make quick decisions and then sometimes regret them later.

This is why I have no business using computer email, texting or Facebooking.  I need time to think over things and study them out before my fingers or my mouth kick into gear and I type or say something I should not have.

You often hear the phrase…”Once something has been sent in black and white, there is no taking it back.”  I would do very well to have that tattooed on my arm!

Several years ago, I served on the Bradley County School Board. I had problems with certain school board members. (A couple of which I still do.)  I sent out an email at the time concerning the Director of Schools and letting him leave the system sooner than he requested.

To send that email was single handedly the worst decision of my life. (Okay…maybe the second worst decision of my life.)

I did not take the time to study what the consequences of that email would be to myself and to my business. It ended up being a disaster.

There were certain idiotic school board members, even after I stood up and gave a public apology in a special called board meeting, which used that one email I sent to try and destroy my business, my family and my character. They did their very best to hurt me and try and force my resignation from the school board.

Due to the fact that right always wins, I did not resign the school board and I learned that I have a whole lot of friends and supporters in Bradley County.

I received more phone calls, emails and personal visits from hundreds of people in our community that wanted to say they supported me and stood behind me.

I made a bad error in judgment when I sent that email. I admitted that in the special called board meeting. I apologized. Everyone forgave me that evening. Everyone except a few school board members that took the side of dirty politics.

Their day will come. Karma is a real… well, you know!

I am human. I make mistakes on a daily basis. I screw up every day of my life. We all do. Some of us more than others. Thank God for His Grace!

My quick impulse tends to get me in trouble sometimes. If you ever listen to my radio show on WOOP FM you will know that things come out of my mouth before they have a chance to be processed through my brain.

Maybe that is what makes my radio show so interesting.

I think it is time that I not be so impulsive. Slow down and smell the roses. Take time in my decision making process. Quit sending texts when I am mad about things. Make a grocery list out before I head off to Bi-Lo. And look around for the best deal on a new truck instead of buying the first one I see.

Ya… I have a few things to work on. So let’s get started!

Until next time… GO CUBS!! Finest Craft Beers from America’s Best Micro Breweries- 728x90 banner